Phantom of the Opera - Graveyard Costume

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Uploaded: 5th May 2006 at 8:26 PM
Here is the Phantom costume that I somewhat promised. It comes as everyday and formalwear for adults.

It is the costume that the Phantom wears in the swordfighting scene of the movie:

There is no cape attatched. The one in the picture is from All About Style, and can be found here. I also didn't add the gloves because I just didn't want gloves on him.

I am not sure who made the mask in the picture, although I did alter it a bit. Therefore, it is also not included. You can find all kinds of masks on the exchange, though.

My Gerry Butler sim (shown in the pictures) can be found here.

I may or may not make other costumes. I really would like to make a sim of Raoul, which may or may not ever happen. I also would really like to make a sim of Michael Crawford, the original phantom, but so far I can't find any good pictures of him. Maybe I'll make Sarah Brightman instead. Oh well. We'll see.