*UPDATED*looong table - choose your own lenght - now with corners

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Uploaded: 22nd May 2006 at 11:21 PM
Updated: 14th Oct 2008 at 7:58 AM by -Maylin-
Major Update 5/29/06

I totally redid the whole set and added some corners on justicefornone's request. Please redownload!

What is new?
- all tables should be base-game compatible now
- fixed black shadows under all the tables - they are now custom-made and work just perfect
- I made use of the repository technique. This means all the textures are contained in one file. If you want to create a recolour, you must recolour the repository object (MESH_mia86_longtable.package). DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE, or you'll get a lot of flashing blue tables with no use at all.
The advantage of this technique is, that it results in lower file-size and you have to do only one recolour to recolour all tables of the set.
- I added 3 corners which are perfect for restaurants and give you more freedom in placing your tables. There are two round corners (1 floating and 1 with legs) and one rectangular with legs.

I really hope this update solved all issues and thanks again to all who tested this for me

Like the title says this is a long table, though it has only one tile. I converted the medieval table to one tile, so that the top touches the edge of the tile. The result is, that you can make your tables as long as you want.
Because it would look stupid to have legs on every tile, I also did one mesh without legs.

Included are:

- 1x1 medieval table mesh with legs
- 1x1 medieval table mesh without legs
- dark brown Maxis recolour as seen in the pics
- black seamless recolour
- dark brown seamless recolour

You may use these in uploaded lots, but if you post only recolours please link back here to the mesh and please don't post on paysites!

Happy Simming, and don't forget to push the thanks-Button

Update: Added some recolours as requested by Gizmo7680 and theunicorn. They are all seamless.
Colours: white, cream, walnut and cherry (last two are by Maxis)
Edit: I just noticed that I only added the picture, but not the zip