843 S. El Molino

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Uploaded 29th May 2006 at 11:58 PM · Updated 27th Jun 2006 at 8:38 AM by BrokenLit

3x3 lot
Residential (3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms)
Hack Free
(shown furnished for layout only)
ALL EP's required

From the first time I saw the movie "Father of the Bride" I fell in love with the beautiful home of the Banks family. A month ago I sat down and watched the movie carefully, trying to sketch out a floor plan. But as with alot of tv shows and movies, the upstairs and downstairs didn't seem to work together. I gave up. Then I came across a floorplan on www.architecturaldesigns.com for the home. Unfortunately, the floorplan for the house wasn't the same as the one in the movie (there were extra rooms downstairs and the whole downstairs was the opposite to the arrangement in the movie.)

So I took the floorplan from www.architecturaldesigns.com and my memory of the movie and some ideas of my own and created a new home with a little bit of all three!

Ground Floor: Kitchen, diningroom, livingroom, bathroom, spare room (possible 4th bedroom?), screen porch, driveway, deck, pool and patio.
First Floor: Master bedroom with walk-in closet and en suite bathroom, 2 smaller bedrooms, bathroom, 2 balconies.

The dormers are just for decoration, but I think there's room for an attic if you want to add one.

Included Custom content:

- 4 floor coverings and 1 wall covering by me.
- 1 floor covering by Nengi65
- Sliding Closet Door by Pixel Sims
- Entrance Door by Darlymarkloc
- Tall Column by Darlymarkloc
- Recoloured Chimneys by Numenor
- Recolorable Wooden Stairs by Numenor and Recolors by Numenor and Nengi65
- Standard WallWindow and Door by Numenor
- Screen Windows and Door by Nengi65
- Pinegultcher Fence in Whitewood by Nengi65
- Invisible Driveway by roddyaleixo
- Le Petit Trianon Collection and Le Petit Trianon Collection- Part 2 by simnuts101 (more specifically: the two tile window, one tile window, two tile glass door, one tile archway and two tile archway)
- White Wooden Fence by Sims2Beauty
- Garden plants and rocks by 4 Ever Simfantasy (Outdoor 5 collection)
- Ygg Outdoor Fern by Yggdrasil @ http://www.spiffysims.com/

In case anyone wanted any of the custom content used in the furnished house, here are my favorite sites:

http://sunairsims.enorth.com.cn/chou/ - Sunair Sims (also check out this creators page at TSR)
http://mangosims2.free.fr/ - Mango Sims
http://www.4eversimfantasy.net/ - 4 Ever Simfantasy
http://www.aroundthesims2.com/ - Aroung the Sims 2
http://sims-2.gameslife.ru/ - Sims 2 Play
http://www.holysimoly.com/ - Holy Simoly
http://www.reflexsims.de/ - Reflexsims
http://www.11dots.com/ - 11 Dots
http://www.simgedoehns.de/ - SimGedoehns
http://thesimswell.welldressedsim.com/ - Well Dressed Sim
http://sims2luxe.com/ - Sims2Luxe
And, of course, MTS2.

I hope you enjoy the house!