Medical Set by JohnBrehaut1 *34 meshes* *UPDATED* (collection file added)

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Uploaded: 16th Jul 2006 at 5:12 AM
Updated: 27th Oct 2006 at 4:28 PM
Hi everyone.

For the last 2 and a half months i have been working on a Medical set. I decided to do this because maxis seems to leave out alot of things in ts2 and i thought people could use these for stories, Houses and movies. Half way through i thought about giving up, but i decided to finish it. It is the most longest and hardest project that i have made for the sims 2. The set provides different aspects of medical related things. The sets are Hospital & Surgery, Dentist & Doctor's Clinic, Pharmacy and Morgue. In total there is 34 new meshes. There was only 1 thing i could not make right, which was a Medicine fridge. It was suposed to have a blue tinted glass, but it didn't work, so it is solid. I uploaded it anyway, just so if anyone wanted it. I will name the objects and their details (poly and face count), then do a list to which pictures they are on.


Hospital and Surgery set:

Hospital Bed:
Face/Vertex count: 2108/2096

Hospital Heart Reviver (refribulator):
Face/Vertex count: 182/462

Hospital Waiting Room Chair:
Face/Vertex count: 456/696

Employee Roster:
Face/Vertex count: 96/192

Roof Tv:
Face/Vertex count: 1188/1436

Hospital Organ Weigher:
Face/Vertex count: 3636/3748

Hospital Operating Table (person on it):
Face/Vertex count: 2348/2528

Surgery Tools:
Face/Vertex count: 1542/1418

Surgery Stand:
Face/Vertex count: 924/1416

Dentist and Doctor's Clinic set:

Blood Pressure Measurer:
Face/Vertex count: 556/524

Oxygen Tank:
Face/Vertex count: 702/713

Reception Desk:
Face/Vertex count: 48/96

Dentist Chair:
Face/Vertex count: 2204/1774

Box of Gloves:
Face/Vertex count: 322/332

Face/Vertex count: 758/841

Dentist Lamp:
Face/Vertex count: 674/726

Xray Viewer:
Face/Vertex count: 62/124

Heart Rate Monitor:
Face/Vertex count: 1152/1227

Check up Bed:
Face/Vertex count: 296/411

Pharmacy set:

Bottles of Pills:
Face/Vertex count: 1560/1520

Prescription Pad:
Face/Vertex count: 24/43

Cough Medicine:
Face/Vertex count: 96/192

Medicine Fridge:
Face/Vertex count: 1228/1420

Pharmacy Product Shelves:
Face/Vertex count: 48/96

Morgue set:

Body Bag:
Face/Vertex count: 160/155

Morgue Incinerator:
Face/Vertex count: 458/1046

Morgue Body Trays:
Face/Vertex count: 2692/1892

Morgue Examination Table:
Face/Vertex count: 1400/1544

Ash Pile:
Face/Vertex count: 120/142

Face/Vertex count: 2702/1850


Medical set Sign's (roof signs for clinic,morgue,pharmacy,hospital):
Face/Vertex count: 296/272

That is the details. I have been at the computer for 1 hour and a half writing this out,lol. Now to reference the pictures.

Hospital Bed, Roof Tv, Waiting Room Chair, Employee Roster.

Surgery Table, Organ Weigher, Surgery Stand, Surgery Tools, Refribulator.

Check up Bed, Xray light, Heart rate Monitor, Reception Desk, Stethoscope, Blood Presure Measurer.

Oxygen Tank, Dentist Chair, Box of Gloves, Dentist Light.

Pill Bottles, Medicine Fridge, Prescription Pad, Cough Medicine, Product Shelf.

Ash Pile, Urn, Body Bag, Examination Table, Incinerator, Body Trays.

Medical set Signs.

For the shelves i made them from a end table so people who don't have OFB can use them. As far as i know, *most* of the objects require a certain expansion, i had uni, nl and ofb when i made these, but they may not require all these ep's. The Terms and Conditions of all my creations is in my Signature, so make sure you read them. I hope you enjoy these objects. :D

NOTE: Some quality on the images is average because i had to edit the pictures in paint, the reason i did that is because PhotoShop CS (what i normally use) makes images really big, and i thought it would be over the image size limit.