The Calcott Apartments

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This is the newly constructed Calcott Apartment Facility. It is located on the eastern side of Spring Hill Estates. This two level building has two posh lofts for your bachelors and/ or bachelorettes. Below are a list of features...

Custom Content:
- Spiral Staircase by Half Blood Prince (Not Included)
- Wood Flooring #0023 at Peggy Sims 2 (Not Included)
- Three Walls By Me (Included)

Floorplan: Each Apartment is identical to each other!!
- 1 Bath
- Open Plan Bed/Living Room/ Kitchen
- Four Parking Spaces
- Outdoor Terrace

This lot would work well with Monique's Landlord and Tenant Mod (Suggestion, Not Included!) if you have both NL and OFB installed. You can have all of this for $35,428! It is also set on a 2x2 lot. This apartment facility has only a furnished bathroom and a furnished kitchen. Happy Simming!