124 Waterview Cove: A 1x1 Lot

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Uploaded 8th Oct 2006 at 3:47 PM

Welcome to 124 Waterview Cove. This is one of the most smallest homes in SimCity today, but it certanly isn't the roughest. This small and elegant home is an open plan, with a small bathroom with dark wood flooring and beige wallcovering. The bedroom, especially is really small and has a single bed and a nightstand. This room is comforted with a tranquil and quiet blue color, and has crisp white carpeting. The kitchen, has white wood, and granite countertops. There is a splendid black stove (gas stove to be exact) and has a white refridgerator. The living room comes unfurnished, with a deep watermelon wallcovering, and Jute carpeting. You can have all of this affordable luxury for only $16,985 simoleons! Stop by and get a home tour soon!

Custom Content: Not Included!!
Holy Simoly Plaster w/ Wood in Watermelon by Holy Simoly
The Serinity Collection in "Quiet" by Infatuated
Buff by Netseeker2
Ginger By Hunny
Vertical Siding in Pearl by Kittyispretty69

Wood Flooring form the Bento Collection at Wall Sims? (Included)
White 2x2 Tile by The Builder

Seemless Double Hung Window by Tigmomx4
White Recolor of the Seemless Double Hung Window by Discordkitty
Camelot Wood Daybed by Fresh-Prince
White Wood Recolor by SwtNess2

Enjoy! and as always...Happy Simming!!

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