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AF Sexy Lingerie with black lace and garter

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Uploaded: 21st Jul 2006 at 8:01 PM
These are a new set of lingerie with a garter, based from the plain black bra and panties so you don't need a mesh. The set used came with the base game so no expansion is needed.

I made two colours, a red one and a purple/blue shade - I'm happy to recolour it into other colours if people would like - just request them in the thread I only did the two for now as I wasn't sure if people would like them .

The pictures show a front view of both colours and a back view of the purple/blue shade so you can see what the back looks like.

You may recolour them yourself if you wish but only post them on MTS2 and be sure to give credit. You may also include them on sims you create for uploading here if you wish. NO EXCHANGE.