The Little Mermaid's Prince

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Uploaded 17th Aug 2006 at 5:05 PM · Updated 5th Sep 2006 at 5:59 AM by tairourou

Okay, so a long time ago I uploaded my version of the little mermaid. People were so sweet and I got some really nice comments, which I appreciated very much. I promised to upload her prince soon.


I have a weird idea of soon. Anyway, here he is, finally! And thank you, everyone who commented, thanked, or even viewed. I hope you can find a home for my handsome little prince. I think he's very handsome in a pretty boy sort of way. Now for the technical stuff:

He's packaged as an adult, unlike the little mermaid. But you can change that if you'd rather have him a teen. Meshes you will NEED :
The Chreub hair mesh by the ever-so-talented HystericalParoxysm. I take no credit for his cute cute hair.
Sussi's Regency Male Outfit , which is near the middle of the page. I'm using the blue one, as you can see.
Also, I am SO SORRY, but apparantly if you don't have Family Fun Stuff this won't work. I apologize. I've put that this requires all expansion packs because I have all of them, but they may not be necessary.

And you'll need one more download if you want him to look just like mine: SimCribbling's skintones, specifically the "light" tone. Again, he comes with the Maxis pale skintone, so sorry. You'll need to change his skin yourself.

Downloads you won't need, but people who deserve credit anyway:
Helaene gets credit for his blush and eyeliner. (I know, I'm a weirdo and I put makeup on my poor men.) Also, she made the freckles which I didn't include.
Louis made his great lips.
Exnem made the best. eyes. ever. I don't think I use eyes by anyone else.

The toddler he's holding is his daughter with the little mermaid. They have nice genetics, although he does tend to pass on those big lips. Oh well, they uh...add character. ;P Anyway, hope you enjoy!

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