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Three adorable babydoll dresses - By Eshal

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Uploaded 25th Aug 2006 at 6:56 PM

I have finally figured out clothing textures! *Sprays confetti* They're uh... Not great, but they're cute enough that I would use them and my friend liked them, so I decided I'd go ahead and upload them. ^^

There are three dresses here: a red one with white doves, an elegant champagne colored one, and a red, gold, and navy patterned one. They're called babydollreddove, babydollelegant, and babydollredgold so you can download which you want.

The mesh is from All about Style ( and the particular mesh is on this page: It's called FAbabydoll; I've also included it for download in it's own zip on here, called 'babydollmesh'. I particularly love this mesh and it is absolutely adorable on pregnant sims, as it makes their baby bumps look even bigger. I included some pics of a pregnant sim in one of these dresses too, so you can see. So they're cute maternity clothes if you use the 'pregnant sims wear any clothes' hack.

You can use my alphas if you want, but they're absolutely hideous. I just offer them in case there is someone who hates alphas as much as I do and want to use someone elses'. XD Just give credit for the alphas if you use them, and don't upload them or my textures anywhere without my permission.

And credit goes to Shop Intuition ( where I got the designs of the dresses from.

Finally, if you have questions, comments, or requests you can PM me or post in the thread. Thanks for downloading!

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