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I LOVE making clothes for the sims, It stems from my love of clothes for myself that I can't afford, lol! Sharing what I make here and getting positive feedback makes it even more fun!
Feel free to use what I make any way you like. Share it with a friend, tear it apart, put it back together and share it for yourself. I think I am a creative person so I have good ideas for things to do but I tend to not add quite enough detail or to do things a little too messy sometimes. If you can take what I've done (or an idea that I have) and make it better, go for it! Just let me know so I can see! And wherever you put it PLEASE keep it free!!!

For God so loved the world that He gave His only son to die on the cross so that whoever believes in Him shall not die but have everlasting life. Jn 3:16

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  • You may re-use my textures for unrelated projects.
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  • You may re-use my textures for unrelated projects.
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  • SCIENCE!!!!!
  • Onoz!! Zmobies!!!

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  • Cute Tops and Denim Skirts for the BBWs

    by Cee 1st Oct 2007 at 4:11am

    Here are three more outfits for our big girls. more...

    3 14.4k 2

    Female » Everyday » Adult

  • Comfy-Cas for the Mamas

    by Cee 1st Oct 2007 at 3:48am

    Have you looked around for very casual outfits for the BBW ladies? There is alot more dressy or fashionable more...

    8 17.3k 9

    Female » Everyday » Adult

  • BBW Mini Dresses

    by Cee 1st Oct 2007 at 3:23am

    I've made some new mini sundresses for our bbw ladies using Martaxl's nightgown mesh. more...

    2 23.3k 4

    Female » Everyday » Adult

  • Dresses to Dress Up the Mamas

    by Cee 16th Jun 2007 at 6:52am

    Here are some dresses that I made using Martaxl's mesh. more...

    4 15.3k 4

    Female » Everyday » Adult

  • Who Wears Short Shorts?

    by Cee 16th Jun 2007 at 5:50am

    Here are three sexy/cute outfits that I made using a mesh by Warlock from Insim. more...

    7 15.3k 1

    Female » Everyday » Adult

  • Drea Kent- (bb)W and Weally, Weally, Wonderful Waitress

    by Cee 24th May 2007 at 6:53am

    I needed some new models to use in my 'model house' for when I take pictures. more...


    Sims » Other » Female

  • Outfits for Grizelda's 'Curvy Body'

    by Cee 15th May 2007 at 7:54am

    I LOVE clothes!!! more...

    7 19.8k 2

    Female » Everyday » Adult

  • BBW Pajama Jammy Jam!

    by Cee 19th Apr 2007 at 6:45am

    Hi, I decided that my girls needed some new clothes. more...

    15.1k 5

    Female » Sleepwear » Adult

  • 'I'll 'Live To Tell' Ya'll that You Need No Meshes Here!

    by Cee 24th Feb 2007 at 8:08am

    Like the title says, these outfits areall Maxis and require no extra neshes. more...

    1 7.2k 3

    Female » Formal » Adult

  • 'Step By Step' 'Open Your Heart, and Get Healthy with Madonna

    by Cee 24th Feb 2007 at 8:05am

    Here are two workout outfits similar to those worn by Madonna, enjoy! more...

    4 13.7k 3

    Female » Athletic » Adult

  • 'Express Yourself' at the Beach and 'Get Into the Groove!'

    by Cee 24th Feb 2007 at 8:00am

    These outfits are inspired by the May 1985 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. more...

  • Who's That Girl' usingf the 2-4-U Meshes Where 'Papa Don't Preach'?

    by Cee 24th Feb 2007 at 7:54am

    Here are 3 more outfits that use meshes by . The meshes are included. more...

    2 9.1k 2

    Female » Everyday » Adult

  • Thanks Tig!!! From Madonna, Cyndi, and Cee

    by Cee 24th Feb 2007 at 7:41am

    Long ago and far away I was looking for a mid length dress mesh with flat shoes. more...

    2 6.5k

    Female » Everyday » Adult

  • If You're A 'Material Girl'(or boy) Who Just 'Want(s) to Have Fun' then Come On!

    by Cee 24th Feb 2007 at 7:30am

    Ravestarr was the first to request Cyndi Lauper style clothes- "I love all your 80s stuff! more...

    3 10.5k 4

    Female » Everyday » Adult

  • Count Your 'Lucky Stars' on 'Holiday' in 'Iko Iko' with Cyndi, Madonna, and SimChic

    by Cee 24th Feb 2007 at 7:18am

    I have worked hard and had a wonderful time working on these outfits over the past 11 months. more...

    1 7.1k 4

    Female » Everyday » Adult

  • Rainbow Brite

    by Cee 10th Dec 2006 at 1:52am

    When I uploaded Rainbow Brite as an adult I got a few requests for her as a child so I more...

  • Christian T-shirts, PJs, and Toddler Outfits

    by Cee 10th Dec 2006 at 1:26am

    Several people were happy about the first set of Christian fashion I did and requested more so here is another more...

  • Mint Dress for Elders

    by Cee 10th Dec 2006 at 12:38am

    Here is a mint colored dress in a an 80s long-waisted style for your elder sims. more...

    6 7.7k 4

    Female » Everyday » Elder

  • Class of '86 Prom- Never Say Goodbye (24 Dresses and Gowns)

    by Cee 28th Nov 2006 at 9:31pm

    This is a HUGE conglomeration of dresses that I have made most of during the past two months but some more...

    13 13.6k 1

    Female » Mixed Sets » Adult

  • A Little Garden for Your Girls

    by Cee 28th Nov 2006 at 5:21pm

    Hi, here is a new flowery dress for your little girls. more...

    1 8.7k 1

    Female » Everyday » Child