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Default sets of Enayla's Unholy Collection

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Uploaded: 1st Sep 2006 at 2:42 AM
Updated: 5th Sep 2006 at 8:07 PM
This is an Default replacement set of Enayla's newest Unholy Collection that you can find here->

Place em in your Downloads folder and make sure you have no other Vampire, Alien or Zombie skin defaults in there or else it will conflict.

The Vampire defaults comes in 2 versions. One with Enayla's red vampire eyes and one without them that simply uses your sims default eyes. ONLY INSTALL ONE OF THESE!

Enaylas alien Stranger eyes has also been included in the Anomaly default pack as an optional seperate package.

Please report any problems with the skin as i finished this up rather late in the middle of the night and there is a slight chance i may have missed something :P

This Vamp default replacment has been tweaked to allow makeup, facepaint, eyeshadow etc. to show over the vampire skin. (The original Maxis ones pasted the vampire skin over all your sims makeup messing things up alot)
Unfourtunatly it still places the skin layer over lip skins.
Only way to fix it so lips show over the vampire skin is to individually change the layer position of the lips you want via SimPE.

How to change lips to show over vampire skin

First open the lip package you want to change in SimPE (You can get SimPE here )
Iv'e attached a pic in this thread to make it easier to show what to change.

1. choose the "Texture OVerlay XML" subfolder in the left frame.

2. Choose one of the Texture overlay XML files in the right frame.

3. Select "layer (dtUInteger) .." in the bottom frame.

4. Change the value to 0x00000008 (any hex value between 0x00000002 and 0x00000013 will work too).

5. Press Commit.

Now repeat step 2 to 5 till all Texture overlay XML files in the right frame have been changed.

6. Save and close and the lips will now show over the vampire skin. Enjoy!

University EP only needed for Zombie skin.
Nightlife EP only needed for vampire skin.

The make-up for alien and zombie skins is not included in this package.

Ive uploaded a fix that will change the original maxis lips layer position to show over vampire skin.

Forgot to mention that to have makeup show on an existing vampire after installing the replacements you will have to have your sim use a make-up table to change their appearance to reset the make-up layer positions for your sim.