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I've long since lost track of all the defaults that have been made using my pixie skins – and I'd love if the creators of them could send me the links, so I can link you up from here… I keep getting requests about where the items can be found and I can't quite remember, hehe.

Anyway; my name is Linda, and I'm a digital artist by trade. Sims 2 is my biggest hobby right now, next to mask-making, and I spend a bit too much time for my own good, making new skins.

I've made up a little list with my 'terms of use' as I keep getting asked these questions. If you have any inquiries, please read it before contacting me.

terms of use

Thank you; have fun with the skins :D

No Terms of Usage

This creator has no TOU!

If in doubt, it may be good to contact them if you have a question about using their assets for your own upload. However, the creator not having a TOU could mean they don't mind what happens with their content and you can use their assets as you wish.

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  • Whee! Pixie Multitude!

    by Enayla 8th Mar 2007 at 9:28pm

    . Hi folks; I'm back again! more...

    232 456.8k 722

    Body Shop » Skintones

  • Pixie Demonic

    by Enayla 29th Sep 2006 at 12:22am

    First of all, my sincere thanks go out to Marvine – who not only allowed me to use her wonderful more...

    235 421.5k 435

    Body Shop » Skintones

  • Pixie Forests

    by Enayla 20th Sep 2006 at 7:27pm

    These are Pixie skins; for more details on the muscle tone, please see any of my other Pixie skins. more...

    204 349.1k 365

    Body Shop » Skintones

  • Pixie Realms

    by Enayla 3rd Sep 2006 at 9:46pm

    These are Pixie skins; for more details on the muscle tone, please see any of my other Pixie skins. more...

    195 345.8k 393

    Body Shop » Skintones

  • Unholy Collection

    by Enayla 28th Aug 2006 at 12:41am

    Hi again, everyone :] These skins are based on my Pixie template, so for a closer look on the muscle more...

    219 422.1k 428

    Body Shop » Skintones

  • Pixie Variety

    by Enayla 14th Aug 2006 at 7:34pm

    Pixie Variety Been working to give my skins some more variety, and I thought I'd release them for your more...

    119 341.2k 310

    Body Shop » Skintones

  • Eyes for the eyeless

    by Enayla 9th Aug 2006 at 1:53am

    All right, as promised, here are some more eyes… I meant to do twenty, but I've been working like a more...

    73 200.2k 208

    Body Shop » Eyes

  • Pixie Skins

    by Enayla 8th Aug 2006 at 6:33pm

    Another set of skins :D I'll try to upload the eyes a little later, I'm in something of more...

    170 540.5k 419

    Body Shop » Skintones

  • Eyes by Enayla

    by Enayla 6th Aug 2006 at 7:11am

    Here again, and as promised ages, and ages ago – here's a collection of (most of) my eyes. more...

    115 350k 252

    Body Shop » Eyes

  • I'm back - and I come carrying skins!

    by Enayla 6th Aug 2006 at 6:34am

    I've been away for a while, and I apologise for vanishing off the face of the earth... more...

    189 390.3k 239

    Body Shop » Skintones

  • Skin collection #2 - non-defaults

    by Enayla 18th Feb 2006 at 1:59pm

    Hi everyone! more...

    141 429k 188

    Body Shop » Skintones

  • Opaline and Golden Grace skintones

    by Enayla 5th Feb 2006 at 4:44pm

    Hi there! more...

    269 439.7k 257

    Body Shop » Skintones

  • Skin Collection #2 - defaults

    by Enayla 5th Feb 2006 at 2:10am

    Hi everyone! more...

    286 439.4k 227

    Body Shop » Skintones

  • Horror set #1

    by Enayla 29th Jan 2006 at 4:30pm

    Here's yet another set from me! more...

    123 269.6k 150

    Body Shop » Skintones

  • Elizabeth

    by Enayla 25th Jan 2006 at 10:04pm

    Elizabeth – you might have heard of her – enjoyed taking a swim in the blood of young women. more...

    101 106.8k 47

    Sims » Horror / Gothic

  • Improved Skin Collection #1

    by Enayla 20th Jan 2006 at 1:07am

    Hi everyone :) This is a set of new skintones from me. more...

    338 385.5k 203

    Body Shop » Skintones

  • Pale Collection

    by Enayla 10th Jan 2006 at 10:06am

    Hi guys, I've finished my 'pale' collection of skintones. A darker one is coming up later. more...

    +2 packs 185 249.5k 139

    Body Shop » Skintones

  • Golden Flush - Skintone

    by Enayla 2nd Jan 2006 at 6:49pm

    Hi everyone! more...

    +2 packs 49 62.5k 24

    Body Shop » Skintones

  • Eerie Skin

    by Enayla 1st Jan 2006 at 5:16pm

    Hi everyone. I've been working on a skin for a while to match the way I paint. more...

    +2 packs 81 87.8k 47

    Body Shop » Skintones