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Paw Treats - NO EP Required :)

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Uploaded: 2nd Sep 2006 at 9:12 PM
Paw Treats

Hey everyone well i know i havent posted for some time because i have been really busy well enough with that before i carry on PLEASE READ

This food needs no EP'S

Its basically a recolor from Maxis's cereal, i was really getting bored of their plain cereal box colour so i decided to recolor it.
All animations are the same.
Ok so since we are all excited about pets coming out i decided to make something related to sims 2 pets, this is something you dont see everyday its actually dog biscuits but thanks to Abstracts Factory these yummy doggy biscuits are now available for your sims 2 eat
These juicy crunchy doggy biscuits satisfy any sims stomach i personally enjoy eating them for breakfast lunch and supper.

enough talking here are your pictures

Please excuse if some of the letters on the cereal box are spaced out to much or if they appear upside down.
Maybe you did or didnt notice but ontop of the strawberries i added some Doggy blueberry icecream

I really hope you enjoy my doggy treats so what you waiting for go get yourself a bowl of Paw Treats now.

If you like please hit thanks button and rank.
Feedback is much apprieciated

BIG thanks to Piktor For Doing all the hard work thanks for getting the GUIDS for me.

Yours truely