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Lots of Lots - Mini residential lots

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Uploaded: 9th Oct 2006 at 6:32 PM
Updated: 6th Jun 2009 at 12:58 AM
Mini residential lots


All the sizes for mini residential lots.
In the archive Mini_Residential_Lots.rar you'll find all the horizontal sizes: 1x1 - 2x1 - 3x1 - 4x1 - 5x1 - 6x1.
The horizontal residential lots are the same as Andy's Small Lots , only with a more readable thumbnail
In the archive ML_Mini_Vertical-ResidentialLots.rar you'll find all the vertical sizes: 1x2 - 1x3 -1x4 - 1x5.
Please, look at the screenshots.
In the game you'll find the lots in the Lots & Houses Bin - > Unoccupied even if they are empty.
The various lots can be easily identified in the catalog, thanks to the clear thumbnails.
Don't look for them in the empty lots!!

You can easily increase their size with the LotExpander by Andi8104

Policy and License Agreement

Anyone can freely use these lots to build his own lots, as long as they are posted ONLY on free sites.

Credits and thanks
Many thanks and credits to Andy8104 for the Lot Expander, and for having created the 1x1 lot in the first place.
And, as usally, thanks to Numenor for his advice and suggestions.

Mini Community Lots can find HERE

If you are interested in Sunnyside Residential Mini-Lots you can find them HERE by aelflaed

If you like to get other mini-sizes, namely 2xN, you can find them HERE by plasticbox