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Functional Beer Keg Updated--Should definatley work now

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Uploaded: 31st Oct 2006 at 2:15 AM
Updated: 31st Oct 2006 at 5:12 AM - Made an extra note
Hi, Everybody! Sorry the keg didn't show up for some people. A huge thanks to Numenor for assisting me on fixing it. I tried my best to fix it so it should show up for everyone, now!
Please redownload it and when a message pops up asking "Do you want to replace the existing file?" Say "yes."

Hi everyone! This is my brand new beer keg. I figured that sims can't have a party and just have punch all the time, they should be allowed to drink beer, too! So I created this cool keg and it has real functions and and animations, too! Sims can go up to it and drink beer, and they can really get drunk, too! So I hope you enjoy this.

IMPORTANT: I am a beginner at making hacked objects, so if there are any mistakes, I apoligize. This object is still "In testing."

The options:

Drink a little bit--Sims are just trying to be very careful and stay sober but still wanna taste it
get lighly buzzed--Sims just wanna relax and feel comfortable
Get drunk!--OK, now sims just wanna be silly and party the night away
Get really plastered--Now the sims are going to heaven with this beer! They are having a blast! Motives skyrocket except for bladder--sorry, but it's just reality when you are drinking THAT much. Now, just be careful when your sims get plastered. It's not always good for you and I mean what I say when I say negative effects could possibly happen....DRINK RESPONSIBLY!!!
Oh yeah, kids can drink it too, but I wouldn't recommend letting them drink too much!
When sims go up to fill their glass, the glass appears positioned in a weird way when placed in his/her hand. The bottom of the glass appears in the palm of there hand. Sorry, I have no idea why it's like that. Actually, if someone can help me out in fixing that, I'd appreciate it.

There are 2 packages. Extract both into downloads folder. You will find the keg Under Misc.--Party