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Animated Side Plait Hair for Kids

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Uploaded: 24th Dec 2006 at 10:25 PM
Several people wanted a side plait version of one of my hairs, so here it is! Children and toddlers have side plaits, while teens through elders default to the same afro puffs in my first plaited child hair. For this reason, I have turned off the teen through elder age groups so they won't clutter up CAS with duplicate hairs. The teen through elder hairs will show up properly for age transitioning.

Toddler and child versions are animated.

Hair is properly binned and eyebrows match proper hair tones. It comes in all 4 color categories.

These should work with all expansions and have been made with the patched version of Bodyshop - eliminating that pesky Pets problem and hopefully eliminating problems with de-petsified recolors not showing up for some players with Pets EP.


See the readme.txt file that comes with the package.
Feel free to recolor, and to upload with sims, just give me some credit and link back to this post.

Do not upload to any pay sites. This mesh is 100% free.

Adult Afro Puffs
Faces: 972
Vertices: 528

Teen Afro Puffs
Faces: 977
Vertices: 537

Child Side Plaits
Faces: 2660
Vertices: 1644

Toddler Side Plaits
Faces: 2138
Vertices: 1131

If you have any problems, send me a PM, I'm good about responding.

Mesh created with Milkshape 3D, SimPE, Unimesh, SMD Importer, and PSJE bodymesh tools.