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  • Lamborghini Gallardo cw New Animations

    by cevic 26th Dec 2006 at 5:17am

    Hi, after a very-very long time with no post had been made, today I will give a contribution more...

    +1 packs 179 599.3k 343

    By Function » Vehicles

  • My Second Car: Dodge Viper RT/10 Roadster

    by cevic 7th Dec 2005 at 4:59am

    Dodge Viper RT/10 Roadster This is my second car available, I had customised a lot about the car. more...

    +1 packs 160 209.7k 75

    By Function » Vehicles

  • Microsoft X-Box 360

    by cevic 11th Oct 2005 at 6:22am

    Microsoft X-Box 360 I never played a console game, but I just made it for my Sims and it more...

    +1 packs 170 207.7k 171

    By Function » Electronics » Entertainment

  • New Car: Porche Carrera 911 - **Updated Oct 4, 2005**

    by cevic 26th Sep 2005 at 12:14pm

    Porsche Carrera 911 Howdy Folks, this is very long time from my last upload. more...

    +1 packs 135 374.6k 45

    By Function » Vehicles

  • Jeanette Hair for Male

    by cevic 7th Jul 2005 at 12:01pm

    Howdy Folks, Since the adult female mesh very popular and as I said before I was working with this more...

    92 200.7k 139

    Hair » Male

  • Jeanette Hair for Teen

    by cevic 4th Jul 2005 at 6:17am

    Howdy Folks, Since the adult mesh very popular, I love to convert it to teen, but it's not animated more...

    34 31k 7

    Hair » Female

  • Short Curly for Teen (EP Required)

    by cevic 4th Jul 2005 at 6:12am

    Howdy Folks, One of the most popular hair mesh, I made it availables for teen. more...

    14 19.4k 1

    Hair » Female

  • Short Messy Hair for Teen (EP Required)

    by cevic 4th Jul 2005 at 6:11am

    Howdy Folks, The adult mesh is the most popular hair from University EP, I love to make it availables more...

    26 25.7k 2

    Hair » Female

  • Testers Wanted: Headscarf

    by cevic 30th Jun 2005 at 6:45am

    Hi Folks, This is my third hair mesh. more...

    18 20.5k 1

    Hair » Female

  • True Elegant Curly Hair V2: Teen and Kid hair added

    by cevic 6th Jun 2005 at 12:30pm

    I've tried very hard to make the mesh as good as I can. more...

    48 57.4k 7

    Hair » Female

  • New Mesh: True Elegant Curly Hair ** Updated 06-02-2005 **

    by cevic 26th May 2005 at 12:09pm

    Hi all,, I'm back with new hair mesh. My second hair mesh. This one is much-much better than before. more...

    35 45.6k 3

    Hair » Female

  • [New Mesh: Tester Wanted] Razored Moffatt Hair

    by cevic 16th May 2005 at 6:27am

    This is my first mesh and please test it and just comment the mesh not the texture. more...

    28 23.6k 1

    Hair » Female

  • Better Starter Home

    by cevic 13th Apr 2005 at 2:57pm

    This is my second starter house (I think this is a better design than the first). more...

  • My very first spacious starter house

    by cevic 31st Mar 2005 at 10:53am

    This is my very first upload and very first post. more...

    10 11.3k 1

    Lots & Housing » Residential