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Animated Windows Hack *UPD 11 JAN 2009*

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 15th Jan 2007 at 7:56 PM
Updated: 11th Jan 2009 at 7:25 PM by Numenor - Added 2 'Holiday' windows
by Atavera (retired)

Atavera Click_to_enlarge


Atavera has retired from modding: no support is granted by Atavera or other modders for any of his creations. If something posted here doesn't work, or ceases to work when installing an EP, just stop using that object.

That said, I will personally try to keep this mod updated and to answer to the questions by the users

  • it shouldn't be unknowingly included in your exported lots (anyway, always use the Clean Installer to remove unwanted resources from your lots before uploading them);
  • it will be copied into any "animatable" window you clone with SimPE, if you have included the Downloads folder in the File Table (so, uncheck the Downloads if you want a "clean" clone).


11 Jan 2009 - ADDED 2 'Holiday' windows

The "Frosted Window by AnythingImport" and the "Icy Chill Holiday Window" have been added to both the Up-to-GLS and the Pets-and-Newer versions of the hack, so to make them openable, too.
NOTE: the 2 mentioned windows come with the Holyday (Party) Pack 2005 and with the Sims 2 Holiday Edition. If you don't have either packs, you won't find the two windows in catalog.
Thanks to Vral for the heads up about these windows.

29 Dec 2008 - UPDATED to M&G
The "PETS-AND-NEWER" version now works with Mansion & Gardens, and all the older expansions down to (and included) PETS. The "UP-TO-GLS" version was not modified: it still works fine with any expansion up to Glamour Life.

15 Jan 2007 - Animated Windows Hack reposted here, with the following changes:
  • ADDED "Pets and newer" version (by Numenor)
  • UPDATE: added Italian translation (by MaryLou)

28 Dec 2006 - Thread delete by Atavera
22 Sept 2006 - Animated Window Hack v.1 first posted by Atavera

In the base game, there are 7 windows that have been created to be opened and closed; but then Maxis discontinued this feature. This Mod restores the ability to open and close the 10 "animatable" windows, and namely:
  • Well Wisher's Window (Window - Quaint)
  • "Midnight Ride" Window by Cross-Reference (Window - Colonial Double Hung)
  • Lafenêtre Window Full-Length (Window - Colonial Tall Arch)
  • Lafenêtre Shuttered Window (Window - Colonial Double Hung With Shutters)
  • Lafenêtre "Stately" Full-Length Shuttered Window (Window - Colonial Tall Arch With Shutters)
  • Symmetric Poly-Molecular Matrix Window (Window - Craftsman)
  • Breeze-easy Windows' "Double Hung" Deluxe (Window - Double Hung)
  • Sheer Glass Window (Window - Loft Double Hung)
  • Frosted Window by AnythingImport Holiday - Window - Quaint - Flakes
  • "Icy Chill" Holiday Window Holiday - Window - Double Hung - Flakes - Combo
NOTE 1: the corresponding diagonal windows are animated, as well.
NOTE 2: the last 2 windows come with the Holiday Pack 2005 and the [/b]Sims 2 Holiday Edition[/b]; if you don't have one of them, the hack will work fine, but of course you won't see those windows in catalog.

Just click on a window to see the new pie menu options:
  • Open Window / Close Window (only clicking on an animatable window)
  • Open All Windows / Close All Windows (option available for any window)

The Mod comes in two versions:
  • "Atavera-AnimatedWindowHackV1_UP-TO-GLS.zip": this version works with any game from the base game to Glamour
  • "Atavera-AnimatedWindowHackV1_PETS-AND-NEWER.zip": this version works with PETS and all the expansions newer then Pets, up to M&G.
Note: there is a third zip attached ("Atavera-AnimationTemplates_FOR-CREATORS.zip"), but it's NOT needed for the Mod to work and is NOT to be installed in the Downloads; this zip is exclusively for custom windows creators: read below.

Unpack the choosen version of the Mod (Up-to-GLS OR Pets) to your Downloads folder. You can use the Q-Xpress.
To uninstall, remove the file "Atavera-AnimatedWindowHackV1.package" from the Downloads folder.

The easiest way is to clone one of the 7 windows listed above after having added the Downloads folder to SimPE's File Table. In order to do that, select the menu Extra -> Preferences -> File Table and click on the "Add Downloads" link (see attached picture). Then, restart SimPE.
Now, just clone as usual one ov the 7 animatable windows (choose the one that best matches the size of the one you want to create): your clone will automatically include all the resources needed to be animated.
If you have in mind a window very different from the 7 Maxis ones, then you might need to tweak the open/close animation so to best match your custom shape. For this purpose, download the file "Atavera-AnimationTemplates_FOR-CREATORS.zip" and unpack it in your work folder; then, do the following:
  • import the two extracted ANIM files in your package (cloned as explained above);
  • assign unique names to the two ANIMs and click "Fix TGI";
  • open the TextList 0x86 and replace the names of the animations with your unique names;
  • change the the Z translation (and optionally the frame rate) in the ANIM files; proceed by trials & errors to guess the right Z values suitable for your window. (The Z values are the vertical coordinate for the starting and ending point).

Atavera has put his creations in the public domain; therefore, you can do whatever you want with these objects, except selling them.

All the credits for the original creations go to ATAVERA.
"Pets" version by Numenor; Italian translation by MaryLou.