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Atavera's Creations Repository

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Uploaded: 3rd Jan 2007 at 8:47 PM
Updated: 7th Jan 2009 at 2:48 PM by Numenor - Updated Prison Door

1) Atavera has retired from modding: no support is granted by Atavera or other modders for any of his creations. If something posted here doesn't work, or ceases to work when installing an EP, just stop using that object.

2) This is only a repository of the creations by Atavera that we could collect: before retiring, he put all his stuff in the public domain, thus allowing us to repost it here. If you have something created by Atavera not posted here, we'll be glad to add it to the Repository.



07 Jan 2009 - UPDATED: Prison Door. Inge Jones has updated the prison door to be fully recolourable (in the older version, only the frame could be recoloured). Download the new version from Post #6.
NOTE: Though the prison door & windows can be used on normal walls, they don't let light flow through them; a good workaround is using the special Prison Walls.

21 June 2007 - ADDED: *Decorative* wall-hanging Ibanez Talman Acoustic guitar + recolours (all fixed by Numenor). See Post #2.

07 Mar 2007 - ADDED (in separate thread): Fix for Rock Hammer guitar (Seasons career reward) to make it compatible with Atavera's Custom Instruments Hack. Download the fix HERE.

20 Jan 2007 - ADDED: 4 Minarik guitars (see Post #2 and 2 "Real brand" neon signs (see Post #4)
07 Jan 2007 - UPDATE: Sonic Shower translated to Finnish (thanks to Kissamies) and to Italian (Numenor)
04 Jan 2007 - UPDATE: Charvel San Dimas v3 to new working v4
04 Jan 2007 - ADDED: ESP "Jeune Fille" guitar
04 Jan 2007 - ADDED: "Rock Candy" guitar (fixed by Numenor)
04 Jan 2007 - UPDATE: the separate decorative ampli has been included in the guitars that require it (Axxon, Maestro, JeuneFille, Charvel and Inferno)


  1. Musical Instruments ----------> See Post #2
  2. Beds + Kids stuff -------------> See Post #3
  3. Neon Signs -------------------> See Post #4
  4. Electronics + Plumbing --------> See Post #5
  5. BodyShop + Build Mode stuff --> See Post #6

  • UNI REQUIRED for all the musical instruments and the Table Phone
  • NL REQUIRED for all the Neon Signs
  • All the other objects work in any game, including the base-game only.

Atavera has put his creations in the public domain; therefore, you can do whatever you want with these objects, except selling them.

All the credits for the original creations go to ATAVERA.
Credits to Numenor for updating several custom instruments, the Custom Instruments Hack and the Windows Hack.