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8 Plain Recolours of the Delivery Truck

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Uploaded: 13th Mar 2007 at 1:32 AM
Updated: 16th May 2007 at 10:24 AM
8 recolours of Fresh-Prince's Delivery Truck.

The first Three.
I really needed some recolours of this truck but there didn't seem to be any on the horizon so I decided I would do some, now I'm no expert and don't normally do recolours unless pushed or that I want a particular colour of something! Anyway I knocked these up pretty quickly, these are nothing special but I thought I would share them with everyone here at MTS2. You will probably recognise them as the service vehicle colours (Delivery, Exterminator & Repo Trucks) from within the game, well that's basically what they are minus the logo's, so you could say I cheated to a certain degree although it wasn't quite as simple as just removing the logo's :P

Update: Added a 4th Recoulour 18/03/07
I decided to redo the white truck as I thought the original was a bit trashy! Anyway rather than replace it all together I have kept the Trashy one too, so now there are two white versions. The original white one has been renamed Trashy (just in case you downloaded them before this update).

Update: Added another 4 plain recolours 09/04/07
Colours are Green, Teal (Petrol!), Burgandy and Red.

Download Contents;
Calakarad_Recolours_F-Pdeliverytruck.rar contains the Blue, Yellow, White & Trashy Trucks
Calakarad_Recolours1b_F-Pdeliverytruck.rar contains the Green, Teal (Petrol!), Burgandy and Red Trucks