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Yes! Yes! Finished! - Build-A-Curtain Set - Final Update Apr 16 07

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Uploaded: 19th Mar 2007 at 5:37 AM
Updated: 29th Mar 2014 at 8:14 PM by leefish
List of Additions Not Included In This Thread:
chains and bar addition here: http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=228456
Low Height to Floor Curtain here:

April 16, 2007

Small Update: Made the rods go down with the walls.
Instructions for Updating Rods: Unzip Rods .rar into downloads folder - allow to overwrite..

Unless something went wrong, *and please let me know if something did* this is the last update I think I'll to have to make to this set. I may add little things here and there but they will be listed up top and posted in seperate threads... It should be safe to recolor these now, without fear that I will switch it all around again.

First Time Here? Just Get the BAC Set file...

Previous Updates
April 10, 2007
Yikes,,, I just got finished editing this and when I clicked into my messages I learned that my latest lot got featured..... that lot has a couple of the old curtains, so if you've come here looking for the rest of the set, take note of the directions below ...
OK, I've updated this set. Yeah. Again.
Instructions this time are:
Delete previous versions.
Unzip new version to your Downloads folder.
Only I get to cry.
April 6, 2007
Short Story: New Go Down Curtains Added. Includes 2 story and sheers. They won't overwrite old ones, sorry. Rods and finials haven't changed, no need to redownload them.

This is a set of curtains and rods....

Here's a pic of some curtains on one of my fave windows that is hard to dress (window is tigmomx4's (or tigdad's i dunno whats going on there!) awesome triple wide double hungs)

I have a few more pics of these curtains in use here:
www.philosimphy.com/peak scroll down a bit past the outdoor house pics...

----- To save space in the catalog I have put some of the different rod sizes in the recolors... Each size actually has 4 more sizes in the recolors... sounds confusing maybe, but once you download them, if you just click thru the different color options of the rods, you will see what I mean.... to clarify you'll need to place it on your lot and then use the recolor tool to click the color/size options, that way you can see the change to size color on the rod...

These are the different Curtain Sizes

You will need to use moveobjects on, and boolprop snapobjectstogrid false for placing alot of these... and there is no diagonal - and likely never will be, so use boolprop allow45degreeangleofrotation true ...

I added colormaps down below... for anyone who wants to do a recolors.... there are 2 repository files... for the curtains it's in the "tied curtains" folder... for the rods, it's in rods folder - note that when recoloring the rods you have to color one rod area... leave the others blank and use DTX3 format... I put XrepositoryX as part of the file name of those files so they should be easy to find...

Notes for Lot Uploaders:
If you don't include the repository items in your lot, when you upload it to share it, none of the recolors of the object gets included....
The repository of the curtains is the Tall Floor Length Tied Curtain, the repository of the rods is the Shorter Highest Rod set.... even if you don't use these repository items in your house, you should include them somewhere so that the colors for the ones you used on purpose get uploaded... hope that made sense...

And UGH you may notice that some of the rods are slightly off center when they snap into place - it's mostly the longer ones... but I didn't notice until I was way past working on the rods, and well - considering that moveobjects and the snap cheat would be used most of the time - it was just too much hassle to go back and shift them ever so slightly to the side... please forgive me

Polygon Counts:
All Tied Curtains - Faces 374 Vertices 532
All Untied Curtains - Faces 144 Vertices 228
All Rods - Faces 224 Vertices 408
2Story -
Both Tied Curtains : Faces 434 Vertices 636
Untied Curtain: Faces 144 Vertices 228
All finials: Faces 168 Vertices 266

Additional Credits:
Impossible without SimPE You - because it wouldn't be worth making if you didn't want to use it :D
Mike19 for the transparency tutorial enabling the sheers
JohnBrehaut1 for complicated help that he made uncomplicated
motherspet for lighting a fire under my butt so I would make them go down-able
fanseelamb for spurring me on to do the dang rods...
JLonier was kind enough to give us all some collection files, I attached them below - be sure to unzip them to your "Collections" folder and not the Downloads folder
And many thanks also to eedgan for suggesting I get some collection files in the first place

Thank you all very much for sticking with me thru this. I hope that it's all fixed up nice and tidy now, and I really hope that you all have as much fun making pretty windows treatments with these as I do ...