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New heron sculpture mesh, 2 endtable meshes, and several Egyptian themed recolors

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Uploaded: 19th Apr 2007 at 10:47 AM
Updated: 28th Nov 2008 at 6:58 AM - new information about endtable compatibility
My first object mesh for the Sims 2 is a decorative heron statue. It does not use its own colors, but takes its colors from the falcon statue from Pets and thus requires Pets to work. The zip archive for the heron mesh includes four recolors for it to share with the falcon and a picture to show recolor artists where to color the neck. Unlike the falcon, it does not use a bump map.

Secondly, I have two endtables that were created from the base of the Venus statue, and they both take their colors from that object. The smaller one is a normal height for an endtable, and the tall one is the same height as a fireplace mantle. When I tested these in the game, I found that while the tall one can hold telephones and alarm clocks, the animations don't look right for those purposes... but they still look great for displaying small sculptures and flowers. I have included three recolors of the base of the "On a Pedestal" sculpture to color them. These two objects were made from base-game objects, but they require an expansion pack (any should do) to appear in your game.

Last, I have three recolors of the "Cat Haiku" sculpture from Pets; two recolor both the cat and base, and the third recolors the base only -- that's the sand colored one with an ankh on it.

Please post to let me know if your game has any problems with these objects.

Polygon Counts:
Heron mesh polygon count: 630
Pedestal endtable polygon count: 126
Tall Pedestal endtable polygon count: 126