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Uploaded 8th May 2007 at 5:22 AM

I designed this house with a specific Sim family in mind, but I hope it might be a good design for others. Usually I build houses based on real-life floor plans, but those always end up with unnecessary closets and rooms that are so large it takes a sim forever to walk across it. The bedrooms aren’t overly large, just big enough for a double bed and night stand and dresser; each bedroom has a bathroom so there shouldn’t be any squabbling! This family had acquired many career rewards, so I put these in a “learning room” at the front of the house so the sims can putt, make candies, and perform surgery all in one place! (this family quickly outgrew their old house; I had to put all the rewards on the lawn.) The living room flows into the dining room and U-shaped kitchen, which has lots of counter space. I also found that the family’s dog likes to have her own room to sleep in, with no TV or radio to wake her up, so I added a “pet/exercise room” which has a door to a private outdoor area; I was hoping the dog would go out here to pee, and I wanted her to have some privacy! There’s also a 1-car attached garage. I make the mom carpool.
But my favorite part is the basement, which is as big as the house. With most families I usually end up with all the musical instruments crammed into some random space, so I built a big stage in the basement that’s big enough to hold the piano, guitar, bass, and drumset. Or karaoke/DJ booth. Kind of make it like a night club—put some tables and chairs down there, the bar, the poker table, a TV…and bathrooms.
Lot size: 40 x 40
Cost: 74,322
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms 3 full, 3 half (men/women)
Garage: 1 stall, attached

Let me know what you think and if this house works well for your sims!

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 74,322

Custom Content Included:
- Georgian Double Doors by phoenix_phaerie
- Eclectic Expressions sidelight by macarossi

Additional Credits:
Custom Content not included:
Lafenetre short window by Windkeeper at The Sims Resource (not a free download, if you don’t have it or a subscription, just replace the two windows in the kitchen with something else.)

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