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Pastoral Ministry Career [UPDATED 2 additional Versions]

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Uploaded: 1st Jun 2007 at 11:34 AM
Updated: 3rd Mar 2011 at 7:05 PM by whiterider
This career is supposed to resemble a career in church ministry. With seperate Job Titles for Males and Females.

I have modified this career (per request) for a version with parellel Male/Female Job Paths. It is exactly the same as the previous version with the exception of job titles and descriptions. Also NOTE: this version has a Unique GUID so you can install both of these careers and they will not overwrite each other or any others. This parellel version is Pastor v2 in the attachment section

Church of England Version per request by rmg12gra.

Teen Version Coming Soon!!!

Pastor Career (Original Version)
EP Compatible: Yes
Overwrites Careers: No
Chance Cards: Yes all 10 levels
Custom Clothing: None

Male Job Titles & Descriptions
Seminary Student (Intern) - Officially you are the Church Staff Gopher (Go For this, Go for that)...
Seminary Graduate (Intern) - Your job is to assist the Pastoral team in the grunt work as well as serving the community in community services...
Church Elder - Your job is now to assist the Pastoral team and church body in governing the church...
Junior Pastor - Assists the Pastoral team in all activities relating to Pastoral ministries.
Associate Pastor - Responsible for coordination of sermon aspects for the Senior Pastor...
Senior Administrative Pastor - Responsible for the administration and staff and coordination efforts with the Senior Pastor...
Senior Pastor - You are the Senior Pastor for a given congregation and are responsible for providing sermons...
Senior Pastor (With Tenure) - You are the Leading Pastor for a given congregation and have held this position for a number of years...
Regional Pastoral Administrator - You are in direct contact with all Senior Pastors in your selected region within the country...
National Pastoral Director - You are in charge of all Regional Pastors of your denomination. This job requires much travel throughout the country, and many hours...

Female Job Titles & Descriptions
Nursery Attendant - Your job is to watch the children in the nursery. This includes changing poopey diapers...
Sunday School Teacher - Your job is to tell the young children bible stories, teaching godly values...
Worship Singer - Your voice is heard over the microphone during praise & worship every sunday.
Worship Director - Directing worship is no easy task. You must choose the worship/praise songs...
Awana Leader - Being in charge of so many children will be sure to make you sweat...
Youth Group Leader - Keeping hormonal teens in line is harder than it looks.
Youth Group Coordinator - Planning mission trips requires close cooperation with the whole Pastoral team...
Childrens Ministry Director - Her desk is overflowing with paperwork, and her voicemail is full...
Women's Ministry Director - Your schedule is full and you have little time for your family. You coordinate women's missions...
Women's Ministery Counslor - Women look up to you for advice in many situations. Every other telephone call you recieve is from a church member in need...

Church of England Career (British Version)
EP Compatible: Yes
Overwrites Careers: No
Chance Cards: Yes all 10 levels
Custom Clothing: None

Male/Female Job Descriptions (Job Descriptions are the same as original for now)
Church Council
Local Church's Council
Training Vicar
Senior Vicar
Right Reverend
Archbishop of SimCanterbury

For more detailed descriptions and chance cards please try out the career.

Additional Credits: SimPE Bidou's Career Editor
Tutorials and info by SuperFly, P00jkins, emma barrett
My wife for helping me with the scenarios for the chance cards as well as the female job titles and descriptions.