More Snow During Winter

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Uploaded: 4th Jul 2007 at 1:09 AM
Updated: 5th Nov 2007 at 2:08 AM
This global hack increases the chance of having snowy weather during winter. The hack automatically makes it snow on lots without deep snow whenever there is no other weather going on during winter only. It also allows it to snow during winter no matter what the outside temperature is. You'll still have a chance to experience clear skies, hail, and maybe even rain.

So far, I have experienced snow within the first 12 hours of winter. I have also experienced my first winter without any snow melting. But you might lose a day of spring because it takes a while for the snow to melt.

This Hack Only Increases The Amount of Snow During Winter. If It Snows Any Other Season, This Hack Is NOT Responsible.

Please report any bugs caused by this hack to me. This is a global hack. There are no objects you have to place on a lot, or anything like that. It starts working as soon as you put it in the game.

This hack works with any EP or SP. It should works with all other hacks, EXCEPT all of my other weather changing hacks, which you can see in my user profile.

There are two downloads to choose from. YOU CAN ONLY HAVE ONE IN YOUR GAME!!! "MoreWinterSnow" is the basic download, "MoreWinterSnowNoOtherSnow" has all of the same features, but disables it to snow in other seasons. "MoreWinterSnowNoOtherSnow" is in need of testers, so please give me reports on it if you download it. Thank you.