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Toddler Double Bed - Revised Animations - Testers Wanted

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Uploaded: 29th Jul 2007 at 4:55 AM
Updated: 9th Oct 2008 at 2:24 PM
Updated August 8, 2007 - Updated No Ep Version to fix flashing blue problems...I hope. Please realize I do not use the no ep version and can only test in Life Stories. I do believe you may need at least on EP for this to work. If this new version still causes flashing blue problems please let me know.

Update August 4, 2007 - Posted NoEp version only. I had a global setting in the animation portion of this bed that caused problems with bedding on other beds. Please overwrite your previous version. Sorry for the inconvience.

Update July 29, 2007 No EP Version: I change the animation file for the base game (noep) version. I tested it in Life Stories and it no longer makes the bed go flashing blue, but the toddler will not jump on the bed. They will still relax, and go to sleep. The option to jump on the bed is still available but it is non autonomous. This will may enable those that have some EP's to use the jump on bed action.

If you have had problems with the bed please download the noep version.

It is possible that the animations may not work for those that don't have all EP's. One user has reported the same problems I found when I used it with Sim Life Stories. I have no way to test and am dependent on input from users. Please let me know if anyone without EP's is able to get this to work for them.

I have all EP and never play my game without boolprop testingcheatsenabled true.

SimPetStories does not have this cheat at least that I can find. I was able to use the relax and sleep for toddlers with no problem but the jump action caused the bed to flash blue and would not allow the toddler to jump on it.

The animations revision is something I didn't read in any tutorial it's something I totally figured out on my own. I'm personally so much happier with this version. I really hope some of you enjoy it too.

Please only download one version the Pets version also requires University EP. Thanks to bluemoon11 for telling me which version the majestically medieval bed came with.

I use the repository technique for bedding and frame, textures are pulled from maxis items.
Comfort is 8 as is Energy.

It's found under Seating/Beds for $25. I will increase the price in my final version. I'd also appreciate input as to the price you all would like to see thie bed have.

Toddlers can jump on this bed but I did set it to non-autonomous as that's all my toddlers wanted to do, I think it's a little more realistic to see a toddler jumping on a bed as opposed to a child. When toddlers are tired they will go to bed on their own. Toddlers can relax and daydream also.

Please note most of my modifications are for testing purposes at this time. If you find anything that does not work for you please tell me. I will do my best to resolve the issue.

I update my items on a daily basis. To easily find the updates check this link:
http://www.modthesims2.com/creator/rebecah Please report problems with my objects if they exist. To be honest people complaining without explaining upsets me a lot. I don't ask for more than a thank-you for my work.

Please be nice to creators, they do this out of the goodness of their hearts. Take time to thank them for the items you download. There's an added benfit to clicking the thanks button. Once you do so it will tell you you've already thanked that post, if you ever have a need to go back to that thread you'll know instantly if you've download it with the thanks button gone.

Getting in bed

Jumping on bed
To see an animation of this bed you can find it here
Sorry it's to large for this system to accept.

This is my other toddler bed found here:

The non EP version has comfort 7 and energy 6. I tested in Life Stories but get an animation error. It does work in Life Pets. If anyone find that it does not work without any EP's please let me know. If you download the non ep version before 3AM EST please redownload. I'm so sorry I forgot to enable the jump on bed for this version. The file is corrected now.

Additional Credits:
Credits to: All that help make this possible. SimPE creators, CEP creators, Peter & Inge Jones for the PJSE SimPE plugin, MTS2 for this site, and Stephen Cox creator of UVMapper.

Thanks to all of the following tutorial creators:
Some of my favorites tutorial writers are Echo, JWoods, HystericalParoxysm, IgnorantBliss, Numenor, and Adidus great extensive tutorials. Fisheyes wrote a great tutorial on slots and routes, which is how I learned how to make the necessary changes for this bed.

Thanks to all that take the time to click the thanks button and leave comments.