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Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Sims

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This download is part of the Old Hollywood Creator Challenge
Uploaded: 9th Oct 2007 at 3:48 PM
Updated: 5th May 2009 at 11:48 PM by Canoodle
First of all,let me just greet everyone here,all of you great talented people...I'm far for being one of such an experienced artists and this is my first upload. I wish to thank to all artists whose work I used to create these Sims,wouldn't be able to do anything without them so this is their work,too,of course.

OK,I guess everyone knows who Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were,but for those who don't...well,they were only the greatest dancing couple of all times,and most wonderful couple in all movie history (OK,being a bit biased here with the last statement,can't help it,sorry

I've planned Simmifaing them for a while now,but when this wonderful Old Hollywood project was announced I thought it may be a good idea to finally do it.They could be better,there's always room for improvement,but I guess it's not that bad.Well,I hope it isn't.I don't really like to participate in any kind of contests,I just wanted to share...

I made most pictures in b&w,just for the old charm but there is also enough color pictures.

Ginger Rogers:
(her eyebrow style has changed frequently over the years,so I made them match Ginger's younger days)

Fred Astaire:

Fred and Ginger:

Outfit credits:
Wonderful 1930's mermaid gown Ginger is wearing on the pictures is by All About Style and can be downloaded here

Fred's tux with tails is by SimsBaby and can be downloaded here

Earrings seen on the pictures also not included,since she'll look good with any other nice earrings

Thank you everyone,I love you

Now Ginger and Fred can dance again cheek to cheek...unfortunately,only as Sims,but I'm still quite happy

Custom Content by Me:
- Ginger Rogers Sim
- Fred Astaire Sim

Custom Content Included:
- Eyebrows by Rose Sims
- Eyes Fever no.5 by Aleesha
- Lipstick Wildflowers -Sheep's Sorrel by bruno
- Light Make-Up by Ren
- Soft Blush by helaene
- Nose make-up light by AnKieode
- Hollywood lashes by Helaene
- Eyeshadow by Bruno
- Skintone by Ren
- Prettiest Eyes -Dark Amber by bruno
- Light Make-up by Ren
- Nose make-up light by AnKieode
- Lipgloss by zoej
- Skintone - ages skin by oepu

Additional Credits:
Both hairs by Maxis
Thanks to all people whose work I used for the screenshots