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Rufus Wainwright

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Uploaded 5th Nov 2007 at 6:39 PM · Updated 27th Apr 2011 at 2:20 AM by fanseelamb : added "poses" video link

Rufus Wainwright
Rufus Wainwright is an exceptional singer/songwriter who puts on a great live show. A few folks requested sim!Rufus when they saw him modeling his lederhosen, so here he is, all set to perform in your game! If you're not familiar with Rufus Wainwright, do yourself a favour and track down some of his music. He's awesome. Here's his official site, and here are a few song samples from YouTube:

Please do not redistribute this sim or altered versions of him. Thank you.

Recommended but Not Included
  • Hair mesh. Rufus uses a hair mesh by Kavar at Insimenator. Make sure you grab it here.

  • Maxis skin. This sim uses default Maxis skin. If you have default-replacement skins installed, please download the light non-default Maxis skin here and put it on him in CAS.

  • Nightlife Outfit. Rufus is packaged in clothes from the Nightlife Expansion Pack (snakeskin jacket, red handkerchief, leather pants & cowboy boots). Change his clothes in CAS if you don't have the Nightlife EP.

  • Lederhosen. Grab 'em here!

  • Toddler Version. Doesn't sim!Rufus make a cute toddler? If you want the hair pictured on toddler!Rufus, you can get it at Raonsims.

Included Content
  • Rufus Wainwright Sim (Adult)

  • Apricot blush by

  • My dark brown recolour of Kavar's Sun Hair. Required mesh not included - don't forget to download it!

  • My grey-green recolour of opeu's Maxis-Match eyes

  • My edited version of Onah's eye bags. I just changed the alpha to make them very faint. Thanks to Onah for letting me do so!

  • Eyebrows + pointy sideburns by me

  • Judy Garland inspired Tux-Dress + Tux-Dress mesh by me. These are in a separate rar file, they're not packaged with the sim. Mesh is 1900 polys and has a working fat morph.

  • Black Bon-Voyage hat recolour by me. This is in a separate rar file, it's not packaged with the sim. Bon Voyage Expansion required for the hat to work.

Free Tips
  • Install with Clean Installer to avoid "missing EP" error messages.
  • Rufus requires no Expansion Packs, but you'll need Nightlife for his cowboy outfit and Bon Voyage for his black Judy Garland inspired hat.
  • See the "Related Pages" tab for links to some more Rufus Wainwright inspired goodies.

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