Cinderoy-8 Casual Workout/Everyday Wear

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Uploaded 8th Dec 2007 at 8:20 PM · Updated 11th Dec 2007 at 12:58 AM by Cinderoy

Hello all!

Here I have eight cute Athletic/Everyday outfits! There are four with grey/black pants and four with white pants. They each have a green shirt, a pink shirt, a purple shirt, and a blue shirt.

I always thought that this outfit was fairly cool, but the way Christy Stratton wore it (townie), it just WAS NOT happenin'. So with some recolouring and frustration, I created some NON-matchy-matchy versions of these! I think that they're really cool!

I guess that you could say that this goes along the lines of casual. Because who actually works out in high-heels?

This download:
*Requires no mesh
*Includes 8 pieces of clothing
*4 pairs with black/grey pants
*4 pairs with white pants



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*No redistributing without changes
*No uploading on sims without credit
*No recolours (since this is a maxis mesh)

Additional Credits:
-EAxis of course, for bodyshop and the game for the supply of free photo editing program
-Modthesims2 for the WONDERful site!

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