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Lightsabers, Blasters, and a Bowcaster

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Uploaded: 17th Jan 2008 at 3:04 AM
Updated: 17th Sep 2008 at 10:43 PM
As promised, a set of Star Wars skilling objects for your sims. All these objects were cloned off the fingerprint scanner, so should be base-game compatible.
In this set, there are 2 blasters, a bowcaster, and 7 lightsabers.
The bowcaster (held by the wookiie) DL44 blaster (held by the male sim) and DH17 blaster (held by the female sim) affect Mechanical.
The Consular's lightsaber (green blade) affects Logic
The Guardian's lightsaber (yellow blade), violet lightsaber, and Sith marauder's lightsaber (dual red blade, red handle) affect Body
The Sentinel's lightsaber (blue blade), dual lightsaber (violet blade), and Sith lightsaber (red blade) affect Mechanical

Polygon Counts:
Bowcaster: 908
Consular's Lightsaber:1080
DH17 Blaster: 1104
DL44 Blaster: 1264
Dual Lightsaber: 336
Guardian's Lightsaber: 1080
Sentinel's Lightsaber: 1080
Sith Lightsaber: 1080
Sith Marauder's lightsaber: 336
Violet Lightsaber: 1080

Additional Credits:
The textures used on the blasters and lightsaber handles were copied from StephSim floors