Jetsons Build Set

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Uploaded: 29th Feb 2008 at 6:25 AM
Updated: 23rd Dec 2010 at 10:45 PM
Edit 23 Dec 10 There's a newer/better version of the sign. You can find it here: Click me!

This is the entire set of objects (mostly Build Mode stuff) we made for Steph's Jetsons lots. The set includes a desk chair, a 3x1 desk, 4 columns, 6 glass domes (The placement works the same as a column) arches for the large dome (use the move-objects on cheat to place them), a set of signs, a display (works like a floor lamp), and 3 sizes of a "rug". (A large round decorative object used in conjunction with the columns. This upload is for people who don't have BV or who want to build Jetsons 'hoods themselves. The lots can be found here:

The entire set was a joint undertaking between Steph and I. Basically, I did all the Blender and SimPE stuff and she did the texture maps. It's a funn little set, I hope you like it.

Polygon Counts:
Egg Dining Chair: 1250
Huge Jetsons Glass Dome: 1056
Jetsons Desk: 610
Jetsons Display: 274
Jetsons Glass Dome: 1056
Lower Column 1-level: 130
Jetsons Pointy Thing: 130
Medium Jetsons Rug: 128
Jetsons Rug Micro: 128
Small Jetsons Rug: 128
Jetsons Sign: 898
Upper Column with Rings: 2482
Upper Column Plain: 178
Large Jetsons Dome: 1488
Medium Jetsons Dome: 1488
Small Jetsons Dome: 1488