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Layerable Tiles/Backsplashes for Every Wall in 19 Colours

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Uploaded: 12th Mar 2008 at 11:30 PM
Updated: 11th Jan 2011 at 1:20 AM
i really like to build kitchens with an integrated livingroom, just seperated with room dividers or half-walls. but often i found it very annoying, that i couldn't find tiles from the wallpapers catalog that were matching to other wallpapers i had already chosen for the rest of the room. so i often used no tiles for the kitchen or had a semi-satisfying room with tiles that were not really matching.

thanks to pixelhate's genious wall overlays, i finally found a solution: layerable tiles for every wall!

so this time i bring you layerable tiles for every wallpaper.
you can just put them on any existing wall, which already has wallpaper on it or even not and you won't need any cheats to put paintings, cabinets and lights on the walls with my tiles. you'll find them under decorative/wall hangings. each costs 30§.

i made 3 collections. pick what you like and don't forget to download pixelhate's fabulous mesh

set 1: basic colours

set 2: soft colours

set 3: pastel colours

if u like these layerable tiles, i'd be glad about a comment or hitting the thanks button...

Additional Credits:
a very big thanks goes to pixelhate and numenor!!! without you it would not have been possible to make these. at least not for me...

ahh, i almost forgot...the wallpapers, floors and objects i used in the screenshots are all from maxis.