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use and abuse my stuff however u want...nonetheless avoiding paysites/the exchange and giving proper credit are appreciated...

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  • Villeroy & Boch Dinnerware Default Replacements

    by ganguro 20th May 2011 at 6:35pm

    Six different plate and bowl default replacements with villeroy & boch designs. more...

  • Yakimono³: Japanese Dinnerware Replacements for TS3

    by ganguro 10th Jan 2011 at 1:02am

    Japanese Dinnerware Replacements for the Sims 3 - 6 Plates and 3 Bowls to mix and match more...

  • 6 ☆tokidoki☆ athletic wears for children

    by ganguro 2nd Nov 2008 at 8:17pm

    after my thesis is done i finally had time to create something new...:) it was always bugging me that freetime more...

  • Yakimono: Japanese Dinnerware Replacements

    by ganguro 17th May 2008 at 1:42pm , updated 17th May 2008 at 6:38pm

    yakimono means grilled food or hand-made glazed and un-glazed japanese pottery... more...

    65 112.6k 259

    Miscellaneous » Foods » Dishes

  • 6 Realistic Seasons Butterfly Default Replacements

    by ganguro 22nd Apr 2008 at 2:34pm

    after simsample posted a cute blue default replacement for the seasons butterflies some days ago, i decided to make more...

  • Layerable Tiles/Backsplashes for Every Wall in 19 Colours

    by ganguro 12th Mar 2008 at 11:30pm , updated 13th Mar 2008 at 3:34am

    i really like to build kitchens with an integrated livingroom, just seperated with room dividers or half-walls. more...

  • ☆Harajuku Lovers☆ Bedroom Set

    by ganguro 15th Feb 2008 at 6:17pm

    this time i bring you a new bedroom. more...

    46 106k 152

    By Room » Bedroom

  • Japanese Nail Art [UPDATED 09/APR/08]

    by ganguro 13th Jan 2008 at 4:06pm

    a lots of japanese girls have very garish und eye-catching artificial nails with opulent decor. more...

  • Lingerie Set "Wintertime" in 6 Colours

    by ganguro 3rd Dec 2007 at 1:39pm

    yeah...finally i'm back! more...

    15 26.4k 27

    Female » Underwear » Adult

  • 10 Purses by the Japanese Brand ☆Samantha Vega☆

    by ganguro 20th Sep 2007 at 5:53pm

    lately in japan purses by samantha vega , in other countries also known as samantha thavasa, are all the rage... more...

  • ☆tokidoki skateboards☆ - 3 recolours of blake_boy's mesh

    by ganguro 3rd Sep 2007 at 2:02pm

    here are 3 tokidoki skateboards! more...

  • 2 Classic Polka Dot Dresses

    by ganguro 23rd Aug 2007 at 7:31pm

    i'm so much into polka dotted stuff lately...:rofl: i don't know why... more...

    10 40.2k 47

    Female » Formal » Adult

  • 4 cute ☆tokidoki☆ PJ's for toddlers

    by ganguro 21st Jul 2007 at 7:53pm

    here are 4 very cute PJ's for your toddlers from tokidoki . i hope u like them! more...

  • H&M♡Kylie - Towel and Bag (No EPs & SPs needed!)

    by ganguro 11th Jul 2007 at 3:59pm

    some weeks ago i created bikinis of kylie minogues swimwear collection for h&m which can be found >here< more...

    5 32.9k 21

    By Room » Outdoor

  • H&M♡Kylie - The Bikinis (No EPs & SPs needed!)

    by ganguro 18th Jun 2007 at 10:18pm

    inspired by kylie minogues swimwear collection for H&M i created these bikinis. more...

    10 22.2k 16

    Female » Swimwear » Adult

  • 3 Recolours of my Polkadot Undies in Pink, Blue and Red for Adults

    by ganguro 7th Jun 2007 at 10:40pm

    it took some time, but finally here are 3 recolours of my black and white polkadot undies, which you more...

    3 15.1k 13

    Female » Underwear » Adult

  • 2 Sexy Polkadot Undies in Black and White for Adults

    by ganguro 15th May 2007 at 1:19pm

    here are 2 cute and sexy polkadot undies for your female adult sims :bunny: you don't need any mesh and more...

    15 40.1k 51

    Female » Underwear » Adult

  • ATS Decorative CDs - J-Pop and J-Rock Recolours (Smap, Gackt, Dir en Grey...)

    by ganguro 26th Apr 2007 at 12:13am

    i created some recolours of decorative cds i found on aroundthesims . because ats' policy allows, the mesh is included... more...

  • Japanese Election Poster

    by ganguro 16th Feb 2007 at 10:46am

    this is a great election poster of kyoto's local politician watanabe kuniko from the communal elections in spring '06. more...

    +1 packs 9 11.1k 9

    By Function » Decorative » Wall Hangings

  • ATS Decorative Bag Recolours

    by ganguro 15th Feb 2007 at 11:20am

    these are recolours of a mesh made by aroundthesims :!: but because ats allows, the mesh is included... more...