36 Simlish Government, business and advertising signs

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Uploaded 22nd Mar 2008 at 10:34 PM

I discovered how easy it is to make your own recolors of paintings using Simpe's photoshop and so I went recolor crazy and here is the result:

A total of 36 different simlish signs to use for businesses, government and advertising. Most of them requires Nightlife but there are a few base game paintings too. 5 different Maxis paintings has been used for this set (they are simply recolors so they won't overwrite anything).

Route 66 recolors, require Nightlife to use. The set consist of 13 different informational signs that you can use to boss your sims around with. It's a one-tile painting.

The Lone Daisy recolors requires only the basegame and consist of another 7 informational type signs. Also a one tile painting.

Cantakerous Splatters recolors requires Nightlife to use. It consists of 11 different government and business signs made to use for making my institutions look a bit more formal. It's a 3 tile painting.

Two dogs and an Olive recolors also requires Nightlife to use. 4 recolors in this set that can be used for advertising or as nameplates for a store. 4 tiles and its big enough to be used as billboards I think.

And finally there is also a recolor on Simcity at night that only requires the basegame. 2 tiles long.

The pictures below show each of the recolors with the filename under it so you can easily delete the ones you're not interested in.

As always feel free to do whatever you want with these as long as nobody is making money from it.

Additional Credits:
Thank you to SIMale for the use of his simlish font found here:

And also to Simpe, CEP and all creators and guidemakers for making it so easy to recolor paintings!