9 simlish business signs, 11 diplomas and an ATM (painting)

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Uploaded 2nd Apr 2008 at 8:12 PM

I made some more simlish recolors for my hood.

The zip named signs contains 9 simlish business signs and an ATM. The ATM is only a painting which will become more and more apparent if you zoom in close enough. But I really wanted a simlish ATM to match my bank and since I can't make objects a painting was enough for me.

All the business signs require Nightlife but the ATM one can be found on the basegame Lady On Red painting. In the picture of the ATM below you might notice some other signs that aren't included here. You can find those in a previous upload of mine here:


The other zip contains 11 diplomas I made for my sims. I decided I wanted to reward my sims more for the efforts but I'm not sure how interested others are in having such specific diplomas so I made it it's own zip. The diplomas only require the basegame.

The pictures below show each recolor and a name under it so that you'll be able to delete the ones you don't like easier.

Additional Credits:
Once again thank you SIMale for the use of your simlish font. I seem to be addicted to it! For anyone interested in making your own things with a simlish font you can find his font here:


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