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'Quinn' Nursery for Multiples

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Uploaded 5th Apr 2008 at 11:06 PM · Updated 18th Apr 2008 at 5:57 PM by jadedicara

After babies Brody, Eli, Jack, and Quinn were born, I realized that I really did need to make a boy-themed nursery for quadruplets. I bring you the 'Quinn' Collection!

I didn't want to use polka dots again, but I am amazed at how fun, colorful, and clean this nursery set came out. It reminds me of a circus! I absolutely love this set, and I hope you do too.

In lieu of that, if you like it, leave me feedback! As far as I know, I'm the only
person to take the time to make multiples nurseries, and I love hearing from downloaders on how it looks in your game, if it is used often, if you love it, hate it, etc - tell me! At the very least, if you download, hit Thanks ^_^

I also really enjoy seeing my nurseries in use, so if you have pics of your babies in my nurseries, leave me a link to them in a comment! (Image Shack and photobucket are great for hosting)

What Do I Get?
FOUR crib recolors of the Kinder Kontainer
FOUR highchair recolors of the Kinder Koddler
Recolor of the Tinkle Trainer 6000
Recolor of the Rip Co. Toy Bin
Recolor of the Sanitation Station

Do I Need Meshes?
No! Although I have staged the nursery on a custom content set, all of the files are recolors and will work with any game.

Are there more nurseries like this one?
I have made a girly multiples nursery, and a bunch of others as well! Check them out here

Where Can I Get the Stuff in the Photos?
Find the Madison Baby Suite by Hopebayler here
Find Award Blue (darker) paint by Witchboy here

Other FAQs
Where's the table in the picture from? From the expansion "Freetime" - no it cannot be uploaded onto the site, it comes with the EP ^^
How do you get FOUR babies?! There is a multiples hack by TwoJeffs that can be downloaded here - no more questions about it please, there's a Where Can I Find.. forum at SC2 and InSim, and good ol' Google has never let me down! The OTHER way to get four babies is what I do.. I use the InSimenator to impregnate Mom and Dad with twins.. and bam, four babies ^^

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