Royal Trousseau of Her Majesty the Queen, Victoria

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Uploaded: 23rd Apr 2008 at 12:56 AM
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A trousseau is an accumulation of garments, linens, hats, gloves and other necessary what-nots and unmentionables collected by a bride-to-be, in preparation for her wedding, honeymoon, and newlywed days in her new home. Often, these cherised items were carefully packed away into elaborate cedar hope chests, awaiting the grand wedding day.

Victoria was a beautiful young woman of 21 years of age at the time of her marriage to her cousin Albert, and Queen since the tender age of 18. A far cry from the rotund, solemn-faced, elderly matron draped in voluminous black widow's-weeds of decades later.

Here assembled is a small collection to represent but a miniscule portion of some of the kinds of items her vast wardrobe may have contained.

The wedding clothes with veil and hairstyle; diamond and sapphire tiara; diamond and sapphire jewelry; riding habit with matching hat; and braided updo hairstyle trimmed with miniature pink roses are all modeled and textured after existing images and artwork of the actual items.

The Wedding Clothes - The softly shimmering wedding gown falls gracefully around the young Queen's petite frame. It is lavishly festooned with delicate lace, prettily trimmed with a cluster of fragrant orange blossoms at the bodice, and pinned near the decolletage by a sapphire and diamond brooch presented to Her by Her Prince. Upon Her regal head, a delicate illusion netting and lace veil, draped over elaborately coifed hair adorned with orange blossoms. Diamond and sapphire earrings dip below the low swept side locks of her smooth brown hair.

For active days of riding and parading, we have a beautiful riding habit with full and gracefull black skirt topped by a red jacket. A jaunty, matching riding hat, trimmed dashing red and gold feathers bounce and sway with every trot and gallop.

Who shall dare mention the Queen's unmentionables?

We shan't tell that they are of soft, delicate cotton trimmed all about with dainty white lace on the full-skirted, tiered petticoat and matching camisole.

Nor shall we whisper to a single soul of the Queen's night clothes, a long nightgown with matching bed jacket, being of a pale dusty-rose hue of patterned fabric trimmed with coordinating ribbon-work and bow, and need we say..white lacey bits.

Dainty pink roses adorn the elaborate hair style of coiled braids, sleek bangs, and neat side curls.

The hair style with roses is made available in brown, blonde, black and red and grey, in all ages, and is binned.

The veil with hairstyle, and riding hat with hairstyle are also available in brown, blonde, red and black, as well as grey, but due to their special function, are not binned. They have been meshed only for the adult heads (young adult, adult, elder).

The Queen's diamond and sapphire tiara does not come with hair, it is an accessory which one can find under the "glasses" category. Adult sizes only. last note. No, there is no Sim included with this collection. I did not make a Victoria replica Sim, only her clothing, hair and accessories.

UPDATE: November 15, 2008
Wedding Gown - Mesh only.
I noticed that the blue sapphire on the bodice of the wedding gown had a tendency to jump around a bit oddly in relation to the chest during movement. I made an adjustment to the bones in that area, which corrected the jiggle nicely. I have re-uploaded the corrected mesh package in the Queen Victoria Wedding Gown.rar.

Polygon Counts:
Queen Victoria Wedding Gown - 3261
Queen VictoriaWeddingVeil and Hair
Victorian Braided Updo with Roses - 1677
Queen Victoria Tiara - 570
Camisole and Petticoat - 2166
Nightgown with Bed Jacket - 2296
Queen Victoria Riding Habit - 2212
Queen Victoria Riding Hat - 1248

Custom Content by Me:
- Body Mesh - Queen Victoria Wedding Gown
- Queen Victoria Wedding Gown
- Hair Mesh - Victorian Braided Updo with Roses
- Victorian Braided Updo with Roses - Black Hair
- Victorian Braided Updo with Roses - Blonde Hair
- Victorian Braided Updo with Roses - Brown Hair
- Victorian Braided Updo with Roses - Red Hair
- Accessory Mesh - Queen Victoria Tiara
- Queen Victoria Tiara
- Body Mesh - Camisole and Petticoat
- Victorian Camisole and Petticoat
- Hair Mesh - Queen Victoria Wedding Veil and Hair
- Queen Victoria Wedding Veil, Black Hair
- Queen Victoria Wedding Veil, BLonde Hair
- Queen Victoria Wedding Veil, Brown Hair
- Queen Victoria Wedding Veil, Red Hair
- Body Mesh - Victorian Nightgown with Bed Jacket
- Victorian Nightgown with Bed Jacket
- Body Mesh - Queen Victoria Riding Habit
- Queen Victoria Riding Habit
- Hair Mesh - Victorian Riding Hat
- Victorian Riding Hat, Black Hair
- Victorian Riding Hat, Blonde Hair
- Victorian Riding Hat, Brown Hair
- Victorian Riding Hat, Red Hair