Increased Challenge Mods 2

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Uploaded 11th May 2008 at 4:12 PM · Updated 7th Jul 2009 at 9:20 PM by simmodder : To fix spelling mistakes

Here is part 2 of a collection of small mods intended to make the game more challanging:

cd_asp_rewards - This package changes aspiration rewards giving them a small risk of failure with each use, even when aspiration level is gold or platinum. This risk is increased to 25% for elixer of life since this is such a powerful reward, plus energy hunger and comfort are reduced when it goes wrong. This mod requires Uni or an EP after uni.

This package changes the following things about dating
- You can not ask a sim on a date on a residential lot between midnight and 7am
- Romantic wants will not appear untill the date level is already at good or better, even if the sims are already romantically involved (so that dating is still a bit of a challange)
- The mood boosting effects of dating are reduced for all motives except fun and social, since a good date shouldn't really affect things like hunger and energy so much
This mod requires nightlife
The reason I made these changes was that before it was possible for 2 sims to keep there needs and wants filled just by continually dating

As requested i've added a new version cd_dating_v2 which is the same as version 1 except that romantic wants will still appear at all date levels for Romance and Pleasure Sims

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