Less Profitable/Harder Junk Car

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Uploaded: 24th Jan 2012 at 11:46 PM
Updated: 24th Jan 2012 at 10:06 PM - As requested
The One Man's Junk restorable car is a pretty cool object, it increases fun and builds mechanical skill and tinkering enthusiasm. However the fact that a Sim with no mechanical skill could turn a pile of junk into a car worth 5,200 simoleons in less than a day made it seem too good for me, especially when I've got mods to reduce other forms of income.

I have uploaded 3 packages that make changes to the way the junk car is restored and sold. You can use any of them on their own or all together.

cd_junk_car_price_halved Simply halves the price that the restored car can be sold for, from $5200 to $2600. This reduces the profit per car restored to $1800 which seems more reasonable.

cd_junk_car_time_doubled Doubles the time it will take to restore the car. This makes it a more realistically long term project and again reduces the profit made compared to the time spent on the car.

cd_junk_car_engine_mechanical Makes restoring the engine take longer based on the Mechanical skill of the sim working on it. A Sim with no mechanical skill will take around twice as long to restore the engine, a Sim with maximum mechanical skill will take very slightly longer (there is also a random element). This effect is combined with the above package if you choose to add it.

On the positive side, this package will reduce the chance of the car engine blowing up in your Sims face based on their level of Mechanical skill, and if they have enthusiasm for Tinkering they have a chance to ignore it and carry on working. In fact a Sim with maximum tinkering enthusiasm will always ignore it, a car engine blowing up in your face is just part of the fun!