dragonmandy's brows as DEFAULT REPLACEMENTS and *binned* custom brows

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Uploaded: 22nd May 2008 at 9:08 PM
Updated: 29th Aug 2008 at 8:04 PM
dragonmandy made the lovely Huge Brow Set. With her permission, I have made some of her brows into default replacements and some others into binned brows. All the artwork is dragonmandy's.
You may also like these other default brows:
- Haelene brows
- Fenya brows - bushy only

- To replace the 3 Maxis eyebrows, get the DEFAULT package. It will not conflict with dragonmandy's packages, but you may want to remove sets 1,3, and 8, unless you want the ability to have different colored brows than hair.
- If you download the binned sets, read their descriptions carefully first! My binned sets are different from dragonmandy's and will conflict with them! My sets conflict with hers, so if you download my set 4, remove her set 4.

Differences From dragonmandy's Original Brows
- Elders have the light grey color pictured, not dragonmandy's darker grey.
- The brown brows are a teensy bit lighter than dragonmandy's originals.
- My set 4 (very plucked brows) is for females only, teen, adult and elder. dragonmandy's is for all ages, both genders.
- My set 5 (very hirsute brows) is for males only, dragonmandy's is both genders.
- My set 6 (skinny brows), like dragonmandy's, is both genders, all ages, just has the different brown, grey, as mentioned above.

Will I bin sets 2 and 7? Bin other people's brows? Make different defaults?
- If you would like other browsets binned, follow fanseelamb's lovely directions.
- If you would like other browsets made into defaults, take my default files and swap the texture in them using SimPE.

Click for larger image. More faces in thumbnails, below.

Usage Policy
With respect to the eyebrow textures, please abide by dragonmandy's usage policy.
You may upload/modify my packages, but no paysites, and please link here to give credit. You may use my default packages as templates for your own default eyebrow packages.

Additional Credits
(all this stuff is default replacements)
eyes: Keen Eye by Phaenoh
skin: Idolatry of Flesh by HystericalParoxysm with Age Transition Faces by me
makeup: lipstick and eye makeup by me