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ALPHA MESH - Simple Basics: Loose Yoke Tanks

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Uploaded: 19th Apr 2015 at 4:34 AM
Updated: 21st Apr 2015 at 3:41 AM
These are long, loose tanks with a yoke collar for adults and young adults. They come in 20 solid colors. The texture is from the H&M perdita dress, which has been done before, but I don't think I've seen a version with a natural wavy ripply hem. The mesh has curvy and pregnant morphs. It is an alpha mesh so you could make loose tanks of various lengths, various hemline shapes, lace and crochet. (I have plans!)

YanderePlum's leggings with Jacci boots, black hiLo skirt, , Himawari's green pleated skirt with stockings

blue fansee floral skirt, chalkmetal leggings (with Dark_Moon morphs), floral leggings

pink/purple graphic leggings, Sentate's black Pond skirt with hitops, dove grey hankie hem skirt

20 Colors

Polygon Counts:
2234 polys

This is higher than a Maxis outfit, but shouldn't be problem on modern computers.
My creaky old machine handles seven sims wearing this on one lot just fine.

Additional Credits:
hair: JulieJ and chazzhay, and Rented space and selenaq13, dustfinger, SimModa, Nouk, Trapping, Simgaroop
skin: HystericalParoxysm's Idolatry of Flesh, with my age transition faces
eyes: Phaenoh's Keen Eyes
eyebrows: dragonmandy, Trapping, March of Brows by AlfredAskew, SLU
makeup: my default replacements, just lips by AtomicSpaceKitty, unique lips by AlfredAskew