All-In-One and Nanny 090429

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Uploaded 26th May 2008 at 10:57 AM · Updated 12th Jan 2010 at 2:22 PM by christianlov : Bug found


This version is provided for AL users. So you don't need to download this version if you don't play AL. There is no new feature included. I just fixed a few parts to make it work in new expansion. If you find anything strange, please let me know~!!

Thanks!! ^^;;

Known AL related bugs

The NPC fails to get the mail. If the mail option is turned on, you will experience a series of object error continously. I think it happens because my NPCs don't know how to handle the brand-new mail box introduced in AL.

Solution: Please click the AIO painting and then turn off the mail option (you can find it under Options.../ or More Options.../ menu).

Brief Introduction

All-In-One NPC: A custom npc set which provide you with a 24/7 working NPC. This NPC will do maid, gardener, handyman, cook, firefighter, coach, bartender and so on.

Nanny NPC: A custom npc set which provide you with a 24/7 working nanny.

How to use

Buy the painting and stove item and place them in your lot. Wait for at least one sim hour.


1. Cooking

1) Please buy the "All-In-One" painting and place it on your kitchen wall.
2) Place a "stove" including custom ones, in that "same" kitchen.
3) Double check if you placed the stove in that room. Room is divided by walls. Even if it looks like a same room, sometimes it has a different room number if you look into the log.
4) Place a "dining" table in that room. No tea tables or computer desks.
5) Do not place any decorative object on that dining table.
6) Place "dining" chairs in the right direction in that room. No bar stools or lounge, living chairs.
7) You can control how many dishes will be served by adding and reducing the chairs.
8) Turn on cook option. See if the option has been changed to "cook - turn off".

2. Autonomy

1) There are three options. "Full time", "Limited (or night time)", and "Sit down".
2) The controller will call every NPC once a sim hour, so they won't be too much autonomous but they won't be like robots so it's useful sometimes.
3) You will need the special npc bed to let npcs sleep at night. Find it at the bed category.

3. Firefigther option

1) This is experimental and dangerous sometimes.
2) Fire alarm is a lot more safe.

4. Assign

At the first time, do not assign. Instead, please wait for one sim hour after buying the painting or stove. Then the scheduler will write a custom NPC for you. If you see how it works and get used to the options, then try assigning a townie.

Because normal sims have different set of functions, it's possible that they can be released from the control unexpectedly and don't work fine as regular Ai1s. In such cases, please just switch to ai1s.

5. Businees add-on

1) Open your shop.
2) Buy the antique cash register machine and assign ai1s. Then they will sell goods.
3) This is experimental and provided as-is.

6. Pay

1) Wait till your NPCs show up.
2) Set up working hours.
3) Turn on pay option using preferences menu.
4) If you move in ains or nannies, the pay token controller will check how many tokens they have, and will give the accumulated money back to them. It will be limited to about $32,000.

7. Uninstallation

1) Remove all files from your downloads folder.
2) Kill all of my NPCs using the tweak tool, or just let them live free.

Best Place to Test My NPCs

When I write this NPC set, I usually test it in Brandi Broke's lot or Darren Dreamer's house. If you have not played their house and didn't change their kichen and so on, please try it in their house. Nannies will take care of Beau Broke as soon as they arrive, and Ai1s will clean and so on. Also because Brandi and Darren has a perfectly designed kitchen for Ai1s, NPCs will cook if they find the table is empty.