Coats for my farmers children

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Uploaded: 8th Jul 2008 at 10:34 AM
Updated: 7th Sep 2008 at 9:28 AM

Here are some coats for my Farmers children. All meshes come with (parts of) EAmaxis textures categorized as everyday and Outerwear if you have Seasons, a modest Fatmorph and an UVmap.

I gave long pants to basegamemesh "cmbodyjacketshortsboots" = Mesh-Coc-
UCjacketlongpants with 4 textures, 3 for boys only and made a version with boots = Mesh-Coc-UCjacketlongpantsBoots with 1 texture for boy and girl.

Sarah and Luke wanted the same warm parkacoat as their father John. Made from Seasons mesh "ambodyparkaboots". 5 EAmaxistextures categorized as Everyday and Outerwear if you have Seasons, the red green and Yellow are for both genders but the grey and mud textures only for boys.

I hope your kids can use these new coats too. You can do with my creations whatever you want, but please keep my work free.

A big thanks to the makers of Simpe, Milkshape and the Milkshape plugins and the great tutorials for Bodyshopmeshing.

Polygon Counts:
Mesh-Coc-UCjacketlongpants Poly/Facecount=2066 Vertexcount=1491
Mesh-Coc-UCjacketlongpantsBoots Poly/Facecount=2258 Vertexcount=1659
Mesh-Coc-UCparka Poly/facecount=2404 Vertexcount=1816