Vintage Simlish Posters: 10 Designs

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I've got a severe weakness for retro or vintage stuff, but so many of the nice paintings I find are in English. Real languages in the Sims look awkward to me, so here's a set of vintage posters... IN SIMLISH! Nine of the ten designs presented here are simlishifications(?) of real posters created between 1933 and 1943 by the WPA (War Projects Administration). All text has been replaced with simlish, even the little teeny tiny logos that aren't visible in game. One of the designs is my own - it shouldn't be too hard to pick out which one. ;-)

The designs + Simlish-to-English translations:

1. "An Orderly Line is a Safe Line" (I use this a ton in my schools)
2. "Eat Fruit, Be Healthy"
3. "Chateau Aèrien" from the 1894 World's Fair
4. "Clean Your Teeth"
5. "See the TURTLE of enormous girth, on his shell he holds the Earth."
6. "Visit the ZOO" (and see the scary buzzards perched on a human heart..)
7. "See Sim City" (formerly "See America")
8. "MOAR Courtesy!"
9. "The Five-and-Dime Store"
10. "Don't Jaywalk! Watch Your Step." (or else Mr. Policeman will push you into oncoming traffic...)

Most designs are available as posters AND paintings. Some are available on more than one poster base to provide variety in layering. Some look brand shiny new, others I've aged a bit. There are 10 base game recolors, 1 University recolor, 7 Nightlife recolors, 1 Pets recolor, 2 Bon Voyage recolors, and 1 Freetime recolor for a total of 22 files. They are divided into two zip files for ease of downloading. All packages in the zips are named with the design + which expansion is required to make it easy to delete any you don't want (for example: "twiki-vintsimpainting-zoo-BV" is the Zoo painting on a Bon Voyage base.)

Set 1: Paintings contains 11 files:

--> (Preview 2, Preview 3) <--

- #1. "An Orderly Line" on "Pineapple" (Requires Nightlife)
- #2. "Eat Fruit" on "Pineapple" (Requires Nightlife)
- #3. "1894 Fair" on "Lady in Red" (base game)
- #3. "1894 Fair" on "Pineapple" (Requires Nightlife)
- #4. "Clean Your Teeth" on "Route 66" (Requires Nightlife)
- #6. "Visit the Zoo" on "Grilled Cheese" (Requires Nightlife)
- #6. "Visit the Zoo" on Travel Poster (Requires Bon Voyage)
- #7. "See Sim City" on "Grilled Cheese" (Requires Nightlife)
- #7. "See Sim City" on Travel Poster (Requires Bon Voyage)
- #9. "Five and Dime" on "Grilled Cheese" (Requires Nightlife)
- #10. "Jaywalk" on "Johnny Gnome" (Requires Pets)

Set 2: Posters contains 11 files:

--> (Preview 2, Preview 3) <--

- #1. "An Orderly Line" on "Searing Indifference" (base game)
- #1. "An Orderly Line" on "Civic Idol" (base game)
- #2. "Eat Fruit" on "Searing Indifference" (base game)
- #4. "Clean Your Teeth" on "Searing Indifference" (base game)
- #5. "See the Turtle" on "Searing Indifference" (base game)
- #5. "See the Turtle" on Movie Poster (Requires Freetime)
- #6. "Visit the Zoo" on "Civic Idol" (base game)
- #7. "See Sim City" on "Civic Idol" (base game)
- #8. "MOAR Courtesy" on "Searing Indifference" (base game)
- #9. "Five and Dime" on "Searing Indifference" (base game)
- #10. "Jaywalk" on "It's Reggae, Mon" (Requires University)

Usage Policy:
-These can be used in any lots uploaded to FREE sites with two notable exceptions: no TSR (even in free lots) and no Exchange.
-Credit is appreciated but not required; just don't stick your name on the files, please.
-If you do reuse these somewhere, I'd love to see it - please leave me a link so I can ogle your goodies!

P.S: The files are named with Twiki instead of Femdrag0n because that's the name I use at every sim-related site except this one.

Additional Credits:
--- Vintagraph for nine of the original images - a treasure trove of WPA imagery!
--- SIMale @ MTS2 for the awesome Simlish fonts and for encouragement.
--- Ghanima Atreides @ Pixel Dolly for wallpaper in the painting previews
--- Holy Simoly for wallpaper in the poster previews
--- Numenor, Rgiles, and Quaxi for the CEP.
--- the makers of SimPE