Too Many Horses?! UPDATE!

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Uploaded: 19th Aug 2008 at 4:38 PM
Oh, DragonSlave, I have returned to your file!

Today, I bring twenty three(!?) equine to your game. Though one of them are not listed in the photos (because I fail), there really are twenty-two =D
"But, Oshi! There's twenty-three horses shown!?"
I know, kids. Oshi messed up. I believe I added the "Blood Bay Paint" and "Walnut" twice. <3

This rar file includes both the original set of horses, and ones that I have made in a lot of pain. XP I must say, I think I'm getting better.

Black Overo, Black Pinto, Blood Bay Paint, Brown Appy, Dappled Bay, Dappled Paint, Deep Appaloosa, Flaxen, Grainy White, Green (bonus!), Grey Brindle, Grey Paint, Light Brown Appy, Painted Draft, Palomino Paint, Perfect Palomino Paint, Roan Appaloosa, Semi Brindle, Silver Dapple, Sweet Appy, Swirl, Walnut

Want to see more?
Don't worry! I will be making more. Mostly paints and other things. If you happen to have an image of a model or actual horse (must be facing to the side) that you'd like to see in game, please PM me! I will happily add it to my next set... whenever I get around to it. =D

Additional Credits:
Paint Shop Pro
The Equine Resin Directory
Sim PE