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~*Eclipse [Dark Desires] Hair*~ (All Ages+All Genders+13 Colours+Binned+Animated)

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Uploaded 16th Sep 2008 at 11:34 PM

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This is a cute bob type cut that covers one eye. It was created for my Count D sim. Although the hair was made for a male sim, I did take the time to create the style for both genders. It would look very nice with gothic girls or mysterious and seductive sims. To follow Akino's tradition to name each chapter of her manga with the letter "D", I dubbed this style "Dark Desires". ^^


Main Preview

The features on the Hair are as follows:
-Fully Animated.
-All ages + All genders
-Genetically correct (Blacks and Browns dominant over reds and blonds etc..)
-Family Linked
-Colour binned


Available Colours

Primary Shades

Secondary Shades



Colour Binning

The secondary (odd shades) are colour binned as followed:

-Silver will show as blond
-Fallow will show as Brown
-Pink will show as a red
-Raven will show as Black.

The shades that appear in the custom bin will be Cerulean and Violet.
If you Decide to Download the Streaked versions, they will also appear in the custom bin with their own grey files.

Each family (Secondary AND Primary) come with their own universal Grey file! Grey01 and Grey02.
DO NOT delete the grey files or the style will not be available for elders in CAS or Bodyshop (unless you get the streaked versions).
Sims can sill grow into the grey hair without the grey files installed, but sims already in elder stage will be unable to access them.
Grey01 is included in the Primary rar files. Grey02 in the secondary.

*The Raven hair comes with My Count D Sim found here:
~*Eclipse [Pet Shop of Horrors Sim] Count D*~

It's the same file so if you have already downloaded the raven hair it will make no difference if you choose to override it or not.


Download Instructions:
-You must download Eclipse-MFHair[DarkDesires]_MESH.rar to get the meshfile.
It is not added to the recolour rars.

-Remember to install all files including the grey files!


<i>**Count D is a character created by Matsuri Akino.
Lunar Eclipse holds no rights to "Pet Shop of Horrors" or the character "Count D" or any associated affiliates.**</i><p>


Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
Creators who get Special Hugs for some of the content on my Models!


Hair Style: Shiny/Realistic Natural Colours Punk/Streaks/Crazy Colours Anime
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable
Bin Type: Binned
Age: Toddler Child Teen Young Adult Adult Elder

Tags: #dark desires, #dual gender, #unisex, #bob, #cute