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H&M separate Jeans for your Elders

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Uploaded: 3rd Nov 2008 at 1:20 AM
Updated: 15th Dec 2009 at 11:52 AM
Because there is something wrong with the sneakers file, I´ve attached a new one. The file size is a bit smaller, because the new files are compressed. I hope everything works now. Sorry that I forgot to reupload for such a long time!

Today i bring you many converted jeans separates which came with H&M Stuffpack. I was really glad about these ´cause most basegame bottoms are ugly and the elder bottoms are worse than the adult ones! So they can have these great pants too
I made three sets with the 3 different jeans styles, so you can pick up the ones you want. So there are three meshes too. Every mesh is included in its set. And every one has a working fat morph.
Well ... with the maxis tops these jeans look really stupid (you can see this in my pics, but i wanted to show the whole thing^^), i would combine them with my poloshirts (here and here) or other custom tops, there are some nice ones i think.

Set 1:
Set 1 includes 2 pairs of Jeans + the mesh. The jeans are combined with sneakers.

Set 2:
Set 2 contains of 5 pairs of jeans and the mesh. There is also a white and a black one and they are combined with chucks.

Set 3:
This set includes three pairs of jeans with simple leather shoes, very suitable for elders

Yeah... pics from the back are below... don´t care about the stupid shirts which are shown^^, i hope you enjoy!

Polygon Counts:
Set 1 (Sneakers): 822
Set 2 (Chucks): 766
Set 3 (Leather Shoes): 804