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Toddler Witches Gown Set - Part of my Witches Gown Collection

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Uploaded: 22nd Nov 2008 at 10:07 PM
Updated: 17th Mar 2009 at 12:51 AM - text edit
You asked for it, now it is finally here, toddler witch gowns to match my Witches Gown Collection. I realise as with children, toddlers cannot become witches, but it is still nice for the whole family to look magical.

As before the textures are the ones I got permission to use from Stoked4sims at TSR. The toddler good witch is from the Blue Fantasy Medieval Gown texture, and the other two outfits are from the Medieval Fantasy Gown texture, both by Stoked4sims. The gowns work in the everyday section. The mesh is a maxis base game mesh so anyone with the Sims 2 can use it.

This is a part of my Witches Gown Collection, which you can find here on MTS2
Good Witch Gown Set
Neutral Witch Gown Set
Evil Witch Gown Set

You can also find my Warlok Robes Sets here on MTS2
Good Warlok Robes Set
Neutral Warlok Robes Set
Evil Warlok Robes Set
Toddler Warlok Robes Set

Happy Simming!!!

Custom Content Pictured in Screenshots:
Smooth, Natural Recolors Hair by Dancegurl1708

Additional Credits:
Gi-normous thanks to stoked4sims at TSR for creating the beautiful textures and allowing me to recolor and upload it here.