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"Phantom Manor" - Paris

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Uploaded: 27th Nov 2008 at 5:11 PM
This Lot was inspired by Phantom Manor a haunted house attraction in Disneyland Paris. When i was a child i always loved this attraction and the house. Somebody asked me if i could built a Manor for him. that wasnt a problem really, only that the word "Manor" isnt actually a real exact description of the shaping, size and archictecural aera of the house. Thats why i thought, well just take Phantom Manor, if Disneyland calls it a Manor its probably one!

So here i found a site in the net, about the attraction and whats going on inside when you walk and drive through:
Phantom Manor Site- CLICK HERE!-
and a better picture of it:

You dont need any created content nor another EP than Pets!
Imagine how wonderful this big house would feel like, when a bunch of big dobermanns or so are protecting it (^^)!

Now like always, the bigger photos, because i know a lot of you are too lazy to click on the thumbnails (gotcha!)

The Front:

The back with Pavillon:

The wonderful conservatory/greenhouse, already with plants and trees(see the little leaves on the ground gives it a more realistic feeling):

The library/salon or whatever:

This time there is an unfurnished and a furnished version! The unfurnished one is called Haus5.zip and the furnished Haus5furnished.zip! Pretty easy!

Money Money Money: The furnished one costs:439.979
The unfurnished one :202.596 (thats cheap! )

---------------------------------HOPE YOU LIKE IT!------------------------------------------------

Like always i would appreciate getting feetback in form of comments, thanks and or even short PMs how this house turned out in your game!

Lot Size: 4x5
Lot Price: 202.596