Vivid Waters II - 7 New Fountains With Improved Animations NO EP

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Uploaded: 14th Dec 2008 at 5:37 PM
Updated: 2nd Jun 2013 at 1:48 AM by HugeLunatic
Good evening, everyone! It is time to show you the new version of my "Vivid Waters" fountain set today.
Please don't think that I'm running out of ideas as all included meshes are either completely new and redesigned interpretations of the 5 old themes or one new style. I don't want to beat around the bush any longer and so here's a short list with the improvements from Vivid waters I to II:
  • much more realistic animations, not just flickering white points
  • more detailed textures and better UV-mapping so the fountains are easier to recolor and retexture by others now
  • more elaborate meshes
  • most of them now fit the squares better and won't touch walls
  • two additional styles

Here's a video that despite of the poor quality may give you an impression of the animations.

Of course that doesn't mean that version I will be removed. The older meshes have smaller file sizes and probably you'' liked the meshes before the redesign better. The new files won't overwrite Vivid Waters I.

Chania is the new version of my Mediterranean amphora fountain. It feautures a beautiful ancient terracotta vase placed on a rock and some fresh green water plants.
Antequera is the successor of the old marble fountain which was, to tell the truth, rather a testing object. This is certainly not true for this one with its decorative stone ornaments.

Kyoto is not so different from the old bamboo fountain but now has two flowers floating on the water and some fern for a more natural look. A recolor without fern and moss is included.
Stockholm is one of the new styles, a contemporary rock waterfall with a minimalist basin and afresh green plant.
Témara is the second fountain without counterpart in version I. It was inspired by traditional oriental wall fountains with their nice colorful ceramic tiles.

Cambridge is the name of my plaza fountain, you can find similar ones in many european cities. The lion gargoyles and owl ornaments are symbols for bravery and wisdom. Sandstone and marble are both included.
Paviken is the new wooden fountain. The fresh water gushes out of a source rock into the simple wooden bowl. It fits medieval, fantasy, rural and many other lots.

I really hope that you like them and if so don't forget to hit the thanks button . Recolors posted here on MTS are always welcome as well as on other free sites but please don't forget to link back here for the meshes!

Polygon Counts:
Antequera 1494
Cambridge 1460
Chania 1437
Kyoto 735
Paviken 342
Stockholm 782
Temara 489

Additional Credits:
Paint.NET SimPE Blender
Numenor for the BGS
Maylin who helped me when the inside of my mesh was turned outside